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jetNEXUS Launch ALB-X in Amazon Web Services – Advanced Load Balancing and Application Acceleration now Available on Demand in AWS Cloud

February 23, 2012

MAIDENHEAD, England, February 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

– jetNEXUS ALB-X 2.0 delivers feature rich Application Delivery Control for Amazon Web
Services, allowing AWS customers to cut their infrastructure and bandwidth costs whilst
improving end user performance

jetNEXUS, a leading provider of Application Delivery Control (ADC) technology has
today announced the availability of its advanced load balancing and application delivery
solution, the ALB-X, in the Amazon Web Services Cloud.

The ALB-X dramatically improves the performance, reliability and manageability of
application delivery environments and reduces both the infrastructure and bandwidth
required to deliver web-based services. “Our availability in AWS is a major step forward
for both customers and ourselves”, says jetNEXUS CEO Greg Howett. “ALB-X in AWS is a
compelling proposition for existing Amazon customers, enabling them to improve application
performance and reduce their monthly AWS bills.”

The Amazon platform enables an incredibly simple evaluation process for anyone wishing
to trial the ALB-X. The appliance can be deployed and configured, in front of both Amazon
and in-house deployments, in less than 5 minutes.

The ALB-X offers clients a range of advanced Layer 7 features, including flightPATH, a
powerful, traffic routing engine. flightPATH enables the creation and implementation of
bespoke application rules, empowering clients with greater control and intelligence in
managing their service delivery, especially crucial for online applications and ecommerce

As Greg Howett says, “The development of flightPATH is based on years of experience in
the application delivery space. 99% of traffic management, routing and manipulation
requirements can be easily applied and, thanks to our innovative drag and drop
functionality, do not require the user to have any programming experience.”

The ALB-X offers a wide range of ADC features required to deliver web applications
which are otherwise unavailable on shared platforms like AWS. Advanced acceleration
features such as Intelligent Compression, Content Caching, Content Expiry, Connection
Pooling and automatic CDN Offload ensure that applications are delivered with exceptional
speed to end users. The ALB-X is managed through an intuitive Web 2.0 GUI, offering superb
ease-of-use and providing dynamically updating performance statistics.

Rob Lovell, CEO of leading Cloud Provider ThinkGrid says, “We utilise jetNEXUS
technology for resilience, scalability and performance across all 11 data centres of our
worldwide cloud infrastructure. It’s a great ‘cloud ready’ product. It is simple to use
and delivers fantastic performance enhancements over the web, making it a great fit for
cloud environments. Our use of jetNEXUS technology will continue to grow; we’re currently
expanding at a rapid pace and it’s become a key component in our infrastructure.”

Amazon Web Services has matured from a platform largely confined to developers to one
now enabling a wide range of usage scenarios, including an increasing number of enterprise
application deployments. The introduction of tools such as the VMware to AWS convertor and
the development of partnerships with key application vendors have helped to embrace
enterprise application adoption. jetNEXUS fits well within this trajectory, working with
EC2 and VPC to ensure that Cloud-hosted apps delivered over the web can run at LAN-like
speeds, giving administrators the kind of network control they are used to.

jetNEXUS CEO Greg Howett comments, “Our availability in the cloud means we now have
the widest platform availability out of any ADC vendor in the world; hardware, software
ISO, virtual appliance and now cloud appliance. As an innovative British company, we are
very proud of this and believe that 2012 will see us established as the leading pioneers
in web acceleration technology.”

To celebrate the release of the ALB-X in Amazon Web Services, jetNEXUS is offering
their existing customers a free one year licence for a fully featured ALB-X in AWS.

jetNEXUS ALB-X 2.0 Availability

More information on jetNEXUS for Amazon Web Services Cloud can be found here
[http://www.jetnexus.com/jetnexus-for-amazon-web-services.html ]. Users can find details
of how to launch a jetNEXUS ALB-X in Amazon Web Services here
[http://www.jetnexus.com/jetnexus-for-amazon-web-services-deployment.html ]. For more
information regarding the ALB-X, please click here
[http://www.jetnexus.com/accelerating-load-balancer-extreme.html ].

About jetNEXUS

jetNEXUS provide innovative, market leading solutions for application acceleration,
load balancing and application delivery technology. jetNEXUS solutions improve the
performance, scalability, reliability and manageability of applications. The jetNEXUS
product portfolio is accessible to a wide and varied client base, ranging from simple,
solutions to Enterprise-grade application delivery controllers.

Via a network of head offices in London, United States and Malaysia, jetNEXUS
continually strive to deliver outstanding support to our partners and customers regardless
of location. Our approach to this international presence is: Global Voice, Local Accent.

For more information please visit http://www.jetnexus.com


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