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Norman’s Advanced Malware Analysis Platform Delivers Industry’s Most Powerful Data Mining and Threat Assessment Capabilities

February 23, 2012

FAIRFAX, Va., Feb. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Norman, a global security leader who delivers powerful malware analysis solutions for enterprise, service providers and government, announced the availability of the latest version of its Malware Analyzer G2 platform. This next generation malware analyzer platform now delivers:

  • Analysis capabilities significantly beyond standard high-level threat summaries
  • The industry’s most powerful data mining and threat assessment capabilities
  • Alert filters that are true pattern group matching of malware behavior traits
  • Customizable analysis environment specific to industries or organizations
  • Unrestricted file type analysis, no matter what files may be targeted for cyber attack
  • An easy-to-use, simpler interface experience

Norman’s solution is the industry’s first and only malware analysis framework to use Hybrid SandBoxing technology. Malware Analyzer G2 delivers the benefits of the award winning emulated Norman SandBox analysis while also offering new virtualized IntelliVM capability which embeds Norman’s cutting edge KernelScout (R) technology for discovery of deeply hidden suspicious software behavior. This approach offers superior threat intelligence and more visibility into malware exploiting Microsoft applications such as Office, third party files such as PDFs and web threats from URLs, than other tools using single layer approaches.

In a risk environment where large corporations, service providers and government agencies may see 100,000 malicious software files in a day, Norman’s analyzer solution has the scalability and intelligence to keep up with the onslaught, while offering analysts an intuitive and easy-to-use web-based management and operations console that delivers customizable technical and executive reports as needed. The solution is plug and play and customizable to every need, with RESTful APIs delivering the flexibility to integrate with existing analysis labs, honeypots, and other systems already in place.

“Substantial productivity gains are realized from harnessing this automated and powerful platform which delivers deep analysis with unmatched intelligence, speed and ease of use,” said Audun Lodemel, vice president, Marketing. “And for the first time, the most advanced reverse engineering methods are combined with the latest observation technology – Norman’s KernelScout – giving analysts the firepower they need to prevail, no matter how deeply the threat is hidden or disguised.”

The Norman Malware Analyzer G2 framework includes:

  • Norman SandBox, a fully emulated Microsoft Windows malware analysis environment, voted most innovative security idea of the decade by researchers at the VB2010 international conference
  • Norman IntelliVM, VM uses KernelScout embedded for intelligence observation at the lowest level of the system’s kernel to monitor system events for signs of malicious behavior, optimizing performance and flexibility to analyze non-traditional malware and more precise mirroring of custom environments for advanced and targeted threats
  • Analysis Desktop, a web-based management and operations console offering unparalleled ease-of-use and functionality
  • Appliance or software, & APIs - A flexible architecture delivers the speed and efficiency of the next generation solution, where and whenever needed
  • Norman Malware Debugger PRO, performs deep analysis of suspicious files with all of the functionality of traditional reverse engineering and debugging tools in a single interface, performing advanced analysis of the most complex malware threats organizations encounter

Norman Malware Analyzer G2 automates and simplifies malware research, reducing manpower, time and costs with performance and speed.

Learn more about Norman Malware Analyzer G2 at RSA 2012, Moscone Center, San Francisco, Feb. 27-March 1, Booth 2345. To set up a meeting, please contact john.callahan@norman.com.

For more information on Norman’s Malware Analyzer product line, please go to www.malwareanalyzer.com. For more information on all Norman security solutions, please go to www.norman.com.

About Norman ASA

Founded in Norway in 1984, Norman ASA is a global leader and pioneer in proactive content security solutions and forensics malware tools. Norman’s proactive antimalware solutions, including malware analysis tools, network security and endpoint protection, are powered by patented Norman SandBox® technology and used by security solutions providers around the world.

Norman’s unified core antimalware protection for clients, servers and network security are delivered as products and services designed to protect business communications and resources, including corporate and government networks and applications, remote employees, branch offices and extranets. Norman’s solutions are available through Norman subsidiaries and a network of global partners. For more information, visit www.norman.com.

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