Facebook Announces Timeline For Businesses
March 1, 2012

Facebook Announces Timeline For Businesses

Facebook announced on the TODAY show on Wednesday that companies that have Facebook Pages on the social network will be able to convert their fan pages into Timelines.

The new platform give brands more opportunity for design on Facebook Pages, and opens up users to more content.

The Timeline feature not only helps a brand show itself off, but also offers some new admin capabilities as well.

Sam Lessin, one of the original team members of Facebook, said Facebook Pages will now embrace “the whole concept that organizations have identities, that a nonprofit, a sports team, all have identities that they want to express.”

Under the new admin panel, Facebook Pages administrators will be able to send Facebook messages to its fans.

In order to keep admins from spamming, Facebook is only allowing businesses to communicate through messages if it was user-initiated.

Businesses will also be able to select specific posts to appear at the top of the Page's Timeline for up to seven days.

“A pinned post is a way for the Page to indicate the ℠post of the week,´” product director Gokul Rajaram said during an announcement of the product. “For example, Livestrong is highlighting a post from two years ago.”

The new business Timeline feature will be in a preview mode of the next 30 days, giving admins the ability to fine-tune their companies' Facebook Page.

Administrators will be notified of the changes by March 7, and they will be rolling out the new designs by March 30.

“We want to create a good experience for everyone, and we think these guidelines really help brands," Lessin said at the announcement. "They´re encouraging people to create engaging content that people want to come back to and create and emotional connection with.”


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