Zero-Emissions Mercedes Also Invisible To Human Eye
March 5, 2012

Zero-Emissions Mercedes Also Invisible To Human Eye

While promoting their new zero-emission vehicle, the F-Cell zer0, Mercedes Benz rolled out some interesting technology that gives the vehicle an appearance of invisibility, reports Chris Davies for SlashGear.

When viewed from one side, the minivan-sized Mercedes was fitted with camera gear, but the other side was layered with LED panels that lit up with the images from the cameras, giving the vehicle an eerie illusion of invisibility. With some video programming, it could instantly become a flashing billboard, or a twitter feed.

The resolution of the LED panels themselves is relatively low but at a suitable distance it can appear that you are seeing right through the car. The effect is most impressive when the Mercedes is parked out in the wilderness, suddenly jumping out at you when the panels cycle through bright colors.

The US military is also testing this technology for so-called invisible tanks, armored vehicles clad in panels that help disguise them against their background.

Mercedes wanted to emphasize that its F-Cell vehicle has no emissions and its hydrogen-powered drive system is “ready for series production,” other reports however, have its set to be on dealers showrooms for 2014. Fuel-cell technology unfortunately is still notoriously expensive, partly because hydrogen is a difficult fuel to store and transport, writes Mashable´s Charlie White.

A low-cost catalyst has been developed by engineers for hydrogen production, but the actual cost of the vehicles is out of reach for most European and American customers, Hannah Roberts reports for Mail Online.

The F-Cell zer0 car can travel up to 250 miles according to Mercedes and its electric engine pumps out the equivalent of 134 horsepower. Well within normal ranges for similar current vehicles. The fuel-cell itself runs on hydrogen, and emits only water and oxygen as by-products.


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