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New Connectify Release Brings High-Speed Wi-Fi File Sharing to PCs

March 6, 2012

PHILADELPHIA, March 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Connectify, the emerging leader in easy-to-use wireless networking software, today announced the launch of their latest version of Connectify Hotspot, the popular application that lets users transform their laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot at the click-of-a-button. While Connectify has been the go-to app for users wishing to easily share any available Internet connection with all of their devices, the new Connectify release builds on the existing Wi-Fi sharing features, to bring easy-to-use, Wi-Fi file transfer to PC users everywhere. For the first time, Connectify v3.3 users can simply drag-and-drop files in order to initiate a Wi-Fi file transfer between two computers, or send files to their smartphone and other mobile devices at blazing fast speeds, even when no Internet or local network is available.

“Today, most people use either a cloud storage service, USB flash drive, and in some cases, email attachments, to transfer files between two computers that are in the same room,” said Connectify CEO, Alex Gizis. “This seemed entirely counterintuitive to us. While our app already connects local devices to one another, we found ourselves in the unique position to offer the added Wi-Fi file transfer feature, making Connectify an end-to-end solution to a pervasive problem.”

Not only can users send documents, photos, and large video files directly to any device connected to their hotspot, but the latest version of the software now detects all other Connectify users across the network they’re on, and offers the same sharing capabilities with any other computer running Connectify.

Highlights of Connectify v3.3 with Wi-Fi File Transfer:

  • Cross-platform support: PCs running Connectify Pro can send and receive files, while other computers, smartphones, tablets, and any mobile device capable of running a web browser can receive files from Connectify.
  • No file-size limitations: Connectify can transfer huge files that would be impossible to share with a conventional USB flash drive, or via email attachments.
  • Keep sharing without a network connection: When no Internet connection is available, rendering cloud storage services useless, Connectify lets users start a local Hotspot for lightning-fast Wi-Fi file transfer on-the-go.
  • The easiest option: Don’t bother going back and forth with USB flash drives or emailing file attachments, just to transfer files locally. Connectify is the easiest way to share files between two computers within Wi-Fi range of one another.
  • Mobile device support: Sending files to iPads, smartphones, and other mobile devices has never been easier. Just drag a file onto the appropriate device in the ‘clients’ tab, and Connectify lets any web-enabled device download it from your unique Connectify Homepage.

Connectify v3.3 is commercially available at www.connectify.me.

Connectify is a privately-held company that develops next-generation networking software for PC and mobile platforms. Connectify’s mission is to give all users the power to perform complex networking tasks at the click-of-a-button. For more information on Connectify, visit www.connectify.me. Connectify is a trademark of Connectify Inc.

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