iPad Media Event: What To Expect
March 7, 2012

iPad Media Event: What To Expect

Lee Rannals for Redorbit.com

Apple is hosting a media event today in San Francisco, and with so many rumors flying around the company's every move these days, it may be hard for some to decipher exactly what to expect.

People have asked me everything from "will Apple be announcing a television?", to "isn't the iPhone 5 coming out tomorrow?"  So without further ado, here is what not to expect, and what to expect with today's media event.

Will Apple Be Announcing A Television?

This thought is based off the media going crazy about a quote in Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs when he said he "finally cracked" how to make a simple interface for an Internet-connected TV.

Despite the possibility of Apple going through with this idea, the chances of an Apple Television being announced this morning are slim.

Instead, you can expect Apple to release an update to its "Apple TV" line.  Whether the media event will focus purely on the iPad, or whether they will also give a little stage time to the new product is yet to be seen.  But what is for certain is that supplies of Apple TVs are running thin, and the product is due for an upgrade.

Will Apple Be Announcing An iPhone 5?

Absolutely not. Although Apple is a secretive company, it is a consistent company.  Despite supply restraints last year, Apple has been releasing its iPhones in the summer, and sticking to its week-before-release media event schedule.

However, today's event may offer a glimpse into what to expect out of the next iPhone.

The newest iPad is certain to come with new features, as well as new software, so expect some of the updates to also be seen in the iPhone 5.  Apple has already made a new category for apps on its App Store called "Catalogs".  With this leak coming out hours before an iPad-focused media event, one can assume Apple will be approaching this change in the latest tablet update.

So What Will Apple Be Announcing?

As history tells us, Apple will be announcing a new iPad.  Of course, this speculation is also based on the fact that an iPad is pictured on the media invites.

Some obvious updates to the Apple tablet family will be integrating some of the iPhone 4S features into the latest iPad, such as the 8-megapixel camera.

You can also expect the new iPad to have a "retina display", or as others like to call it, an "ultra-definition" resolution display.  This display will be packed full of so many pixels that 3D will seem obsolete compared to its clarity.

The new tablet will also likely feature an "A5X" Apple chip, based on leaked photos from a Chinese forum.  Because the name is not "A6", it´s hard to tell whether this will be an intense performance upgrade, or a slight performance upgrade.  The iPad 2 brought "seven times" faster performance than its predecessor.

The new name is also being questioned.  Most would assume that iPad 3 seems a natural transition, but given the new screen resolution, some are speculating it will be called "iPad HD" instead.

The iPad 3, or maybe iPad HD, could also be capable of connecting to LTE networks on AT&T and Verizon, an update that could be considered overdue.

The new device may not look much different cosmetically, and will probably not have some crazy-new-groundbreaking technology like the ability to turn into Marty McFly's hovercraft skateboard, but it will most definitely meet all the high-demands required to be considered an iPad.  So expect RedOrbit to be brining you coverage as soon as the iPad 3 (or iPad HD) is announced.


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