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Athena Smartcard Demonstrates Enterprise and Government NFC Solutions at the Tokyo NFC and Smart World Exhibition

March 8, 2012

TOKYO, March 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Athena Smartcard paves the way for Enterprise and Government to exploit the rapidly
growing NFC ecosystem by providing a portfolio of secure NFC devices, tools and software.

Using Athena’s industry trusted Enterprise and Government Identity technologies as its
basis and supporting ISO 14443 Type A & B contactless communication standards Athena NFC
solutions offer the possibility of deploying anything from a simple SmartPoster or other
standard Tags up to NFC enabled solutions capable of supporting authentication, identity,
loyalty, payment or ticketing. The Athena NFC solutions offer up to 80KB of on board
memory and enhanced security which is unavailable in standard NFC tags.

Athena NFC, through its support for dual interface and contactless form factors, can
be configured as a Secure Element for use with NFC aware mobile devices; such as Smart
Phones, to offer VPN, SSL or Digital Signature functionality or used to enhance security
levels in Payment and Loyalty platforms by offering Common Criteria and FIPS certified

Complementing these NFC Card and Tag solutions Athena also offers desktop and embedded
NFC readers, application software and personalization support to its partners.

At NFC and Smart World, Athena is showcasing its NFC aware PKI cards which are capable
of supporting a variety of smart phones from manufactures; such as RIM, Samsung, Google
and others.

About Athena Smartcard

Athena’s innovative smart card OS’s, on-card applications, middleware and reader
technologies enable our partners to offer ‘state of the art’ National ID, Digital
Signature, eGov, ePassports, Transportation, NFC and advanced contact and contactless
payment solutions by removing the development, support and certification barriers
associated with in-house R&D.

Using close relationships with industry leading silicon vendors, biometric algorithm
and sensor developers, and a permanent staff of industry leading engineers Athena offers
highly secure, flexible, and cost effective solutions.

With offices in Asia, Europe and the Americas, and through a network of industry
leading firms, including card manufacturers in the world’s fastest growing markets,
including Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, and Africa, Athena is ideally positioned to provide
timely and professional hand’s on support, help facilitate the transition to secure chip
technologies, and allow our growing list of partners to stay competitive.

More information about Athena is available from http://www.athena-scs.com

Contact: Jochi Fuchs at +1-408-786-1028

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