Image 1 - Facebook Launches Interest Lists
March 9, 2012

Facebook Launches Interest Lists

The social networking giant Facebook announced a new feature on Thursday called "Interest Lists." Interest lists allow users to view updates from collections of pages and public figures in a dedicated news feed. Users will also have the ability to suggest these lists to their friends.

This new feature is a direct affront to Twitter, who currently controls the interest graph. The interest graph is the relationship between people and topics. Many see Twitter as beating Facebook in this area. But with the latest features such as subscribe and interest lists, Facebook has a chance to take the lead, according to InsideFacebook.

Facebook suggests that the new interest lists turn your Facebook page into a personalized newspaper. Users will be able to create personalized feeds on the topics they want to see. General topics will be pre-listed such as sports, business and politics or they can be much more personalized like Tech News, NBA Players and Art Critics.

Interest lists are accessed using the left-hand navigation side bar on the user´s Facebook page. Lists will be editable only by the creator. Plus they can make it private or select it to be made public where it will be made to appear as a suggested list to others.

Techcrunch reports that when creating new lists users will be able to pick their liked pages, subscriptions, friends and categories using a wizard. They can also select to add a page to an interest list from the page´s timeline.

InsideFacebook notes that this new feature may end up only being a power-user feature. They report that in 2010 only 5 percent of Facebook users created friend lists, which has been a feature since 2007. But with the ability to subscribe to interest lists created by others, more users may adopt the new feature.

Currently Facebook is already highlighting lists created by public figures. Ryan Seacrest created a list called “Cast of Glee”, journalist Mark Luckie created “Washington Post Staff” and Adam Schefter of ESPN has created “NFL Players”.


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