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Z3 Technology’s Z3-DM8168-RPS-Lite H.264 1080p60 System, Based on TI’s DaVinci(TM) DM8168 Video Processor

March 9, 2012

LINCOLN, Neb., March 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Providing the latest in integrated multimedia module solutions and products, Z3 Technology today introduced its high-performance Z3-DM8168-RPS-Lite H.264 1080p60 system based on the DaVinci(TM) DM8168 video processor from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI).

The Z3-DM8168-RPS-Lite is based upon our Z3-DM8168-MOD-24 module, which uses TI’s DaVinci DM8168 video processor. Our Z3-DM8168-MOD-24 module is 88mm x 108mm in size and supports up to 1.2GHz ARM® Cortex(TM)-A8, 1.0GHz TMS320C674x floating-point DSP, 1GB of DDR3 and 256MB of Flash, GigE, USB 2.0, SATA2, PCIe 2.0, HDMI and RS-232. The Z3-DM8168-MOD-24 features a unique expansion interface comprised of five high-density connectors providing access to the greatest majority of interface signals available from the DM8168 video processor.

The Z3-DM8168-RPS-Lite OEM-ready module is available today. To view the Z3-DM8168-RPS-Lite datasheet, contact Z3 at sales@z3technology.com.

Key features and benefits of the Z3-DM8168-RPS-Lite

  • Fully integrated hardware and software audio/video system
  • Cost effective design, ready for manufacturing volumes
  • Supports H.264 multichannel in all video resolutions from QCIF to 1080p60
  • High Density Board-to-Board connectors to allow access to all major interfaces and peripherals on TI’s DaVinci DM8168 video processor
  • Multiple interfaces including gigabit Ethernet, PCI Express, SATA2, DDR3, USB 2.0, MMC/SD, HDMI and DVI


  • One Z3-DM8168-MOD-24 OEM-ready video SOM
  • Size: 88mm x 108mm
  • 1GB, 256MB Flash, SATA2, GigE, USB 2.0, Serial port
  • High Density B2B Connectors
  • HDMI, YPbPr and Composite Video Out
  • Multiple digital video and audio I/O ports


  • Pre-loaded with Linux 2.6.3x and TI’s EZSDK
  • UBL, u-boot, root file-system, NAND boot, tool chain, flash programming tool
  • OpenMAX-IL framework


  • B2B Interface Documentation
  • 12V DC Power Supply
  • Serial cable and gender changer

“The Z3-DM8168-RPS-Lite module-only system offers customers a cost effective, customizable solution enabling them to fully leverage the performance and integration of TI’s DaVinci DM8168 processor. With the pre-loaded Linux and EZSDK, developers have the opportunity to integrate the latest 1080p60 DaVinci video technology into their application, thereby significantly reducing development expenses and product time to market,” says Aaron Caldwell, CEO, Z3 Technology.

“Z3′s solution enables quick time to market for developers who want to design products using TI’s high-performance DaVinci DM8168 video processor,” said Kim Devlin-Allen, business unit manager, DaVinci video communications products, TI. “With Z3′s module, developers can provide life-like, real-time video solutions to a number of end equipments such as video security, transcoding and industrial DVR that demand high performance and superior video quality.”

About Z3 Technology

Z3 Technology is a leading provider of OEM ready multimedia systems for a variety of video-centric end applications. Our mission is to provide our customers a production proven multimedia system and superior technical services to substantially reduce customer cost and time-to-market.

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