A Glimpse Of The New iPhone?
March 10, 2012

A Glimpse Of The New iPhone?

On Friday night, an employee of Redorbit saw their iPhone switch from the "3G" icon to a "4G" icon.

Redorbit has found that the new iOS 5.1 software update distributed by Apple on Wednesday has affected the service icon on an AT&T iPhone.

The employee saw their phone randomly switch from the normal "3G" icon located to the right of AT&T on the iPhone switch to "4G".

This switch could be an indication of the upcoming iPhone 5 launch this summer.

Apple is releasing its new iPad on March 16, which will feature the new 4G network.

The update could either be an indication of future iPhone capabilities, or a glitch in software that makes the iPhone show a 4G icon when service is available due to the updated iPad software.

Stay tuned to RedOrbit for more news at it becomes available.