Preorder Shipments of New iPads Reportedly Delayed
March 11, 2012

Preorder Shipments of New iPads Reportedly Delayed

Consumers who pre-ordered the new iPad will have to wait longer than expected for their Apple-developed tablet computers to arrive, various media outlets reported on Saturday.

The new device, which was first demonstrated to the public during a Wednesday presentation, is currently scheduled to go on sale in physical locations on Friday, March 16. However, according to Reuters reporter James B. Kelleher, Apple's website is claiming that new iPads preordered online will not be shipped until three days later.

That delay, the news agency said, contradicts earlier claims, which they state was reported in Saturday's edition of The Wall Street Journal, that the tablets would be delivered on the launch date.

Furthermore, Geri Coleman Tucker and Jefferson Graham of USA Today say that there are "unconfirmed reports" that global shipments could be delayed up to three weeks.

Tucker and Graham said that there is now a limit of two iPads per customer. Both Reuters and USA Today attempted to contact Apple for comment, but as of Saturday afternoon, neither had been able to obtain an official response from officials at the Cupertino, California-based tech giant.

"To the company's hard-core fans, who vie to be the first to own the latest device, a three-day delay would be an eternity and could add to the crowds and chaos at the company's retail stores," Kelleher said. "In January, enraged Chinese shoppers pelted Apple's flagship Beijing store with eggs and shoving matches broke out with police after customers were told the store would not begin sales of the iPhone 4S as scheduled."

The new iPad, which is being touted as the successor to the iPad 2, "comes with a crisper Retina display, faster processor, voice dictation and the ability to run on the speediest 4G wireless data networks," the USA Today reporters said.

The cost of the device starts at $499 for a 16GB Wi-Fi only model, while a 4G version of the same device will cost upwards of $629. Data plans for the latter start at $14.99 per month for a 250MB plan from AT&T and $20 per month for a 1GB plan through Verizon Wireless, Tucker and Graham added.

As previously reported by's Lee Rannals, the display of the latest iPad will feature a "retina display" that boasts a 2048 by 1536 resolution, which is higher than current generation HDTVs.

It will also feature a quad-core Apple A5X graphics chip, a 5-megapixel camera capable of recording 1080p video, and LTE wireless network capability that will allow the tablet computer to reach download speeds of up to 42Mbps.


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