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Bluenest, a Leading Argentine Company, Partners With Serial Entrepreneur Arik Filstein to Begin International Operations

March 12, 2012

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, March 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Arik Filstein, serial entrepreneur and CEO of ExactMe!, recently launched locally, announced that he is joining Bluenest, an Argentine leading company and web 2.0 services pioneer, as partner and chairman.

The young, renowned Israeli entrepreneur, of Argentine nationality, is implementing the investments in his birth country that were announced during the ExactMe! launch.

“My decision to partner with Bluenest and join as chairman resonates with my technological and innovative spirit that is aligned with Bluenest’s philosophy,” Filstein states. “Bluenest is a company already established in the Argentine market. It has a high potential for international growth and its clients are leading companies to whom it is providing communications 2.0 services at high standards of quality.”

Arik Filstein’s addition facilitates the geographic diversification of customer distribution and Bluenest’s launch into the international arena, since the entrepreneur plans to open offices in Tel Aviv and New York, locations that will enable the provision of local attention to foreign customers.

“Arik’s addition to Bluenest is a valuable turning point in the history of the company: it is a re-founding. For two years we have invested great enthusiasm and effort into working with passion and at the highest standard of quality. Arik’s decision to become Bluenest’s partner is an honor, a prize recognizing our efforts, on one hand, and on the other hand obliging us to increase our responsibility towards current and potential clients to continue growing. His vision will make Bluenest a successful new venture, just as he has accomplished with many other companies,” states Guillermo Rodriguez Crespo, Bluenest’s director and founder.

Arik Filstein also continues to develop business in the area of new technologies. A month after having launched ExactMe! en Argentina, the next step is to open offices in Brazil and then Chile.

“Argentina means a lot to me. I was born here and today I choose Argentina as headquarters for developing all my operations and businesses in Latin America. I think the country has tremendous potential for development, growth and fundamentally, human capital,” Filstein states. “Bluenest is a clear example of an Argentine company embodying excellence and technological innovation, a pioneer in Argentina and without a doubt, achieves the high standards of international clients,” the CEO finishes.

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