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Duedil Launches Advance Search Features

March 12, 2012

LONDON, March 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

-Companies database, Duedil, launches new company and directors search-

Duedil [http://www.duedil.com ] has launched a brand new website along with features
that help users find and aggregate company information. The largest database of free
company financials in the world, Duedil is used by investors, head hunters, jobseekers and
business networkers to research the marketplace.

Among Duedil’s updated features is advanced search, which gives users access to
detailed company accounts, company profiles, winding up petitions, stock information and
more, whileaccommodating for spelling errors, changed names, trading names or incomplete

It’s also possible for users to sync their accounts with social profiles such as
LinkedIn to see how they’re connected to others professionally, and to analyse
conversations in the public sphere through Twitter, as well as reviewing public opinion on
a company. Cross-checking information in this way gives a wider search base to users doing
a Company House check [http://www.duedil.com ].

Aggregating a large amount of data from financial, legal, social, news and other
sources, Duedil’s chief goal is to provide transparency to the business world. As part of
its improved people search feature, director search [http://www.duedil.com ] gives users
access to directors’ profiles; meaning it’s possible to find directors’ ages and
nationalities, current and previous appointments (and disqualifications) and whether or
not their companies have been dissolved.

Founder and CEO, Damian Kimmelman, comments, “We’re about more than just presenting
information, which, if you buy it privately from credit reference agencies, is justa
fraction of what’s really out there.

“Our goal is to create narratives on companies in the UK and Ireland, using
colour-coded graphs, downloadable accounts, live updates from the London stock exchange
and more. When data is presented in a way that’s free and easy to read, it becomes
intrinsically compelling.

“We’re eager to continue to introduce useful new features – such as credit scores,
which will allow users to review the credit worthiness of clients and competitors – and to
encourage users to use the information to reach their business goals.”

About Duedil:

Duedil was founded in April 2010 by entrepreneur, Damian Kimmelman, who wanted to
develop a sense of trust in business by opening up company information for free. Duedil is
short for Due Diligence and is funded by Passion Capital, which is predominantly funded by
the UK government.

Comprising the largest database of free company financials in the world, Duedil
aggregates billions of data points including information purchased from the Companies
House database to provide reliable information on companies and directors in the UK and

Visit: http://www.duedil.com for more information


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