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Action Products Elects Decorated Space, Technology and Consulting Veteran to Board of Directors

March 13, 2012

NEW YORK, March 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Action Products International, Inc. (OTC Pink: APII) is pleased to announce the appointment of Lieutenant General Thomas P. Stafford USAF (Ret.) NASA Astronaut (Former) to the company’s Board of Directors as Chairman of the Board. The announcement comes less than a week after Action Products filed for and fulfilled the requirements for Full Disclosure with OTC Markets.

General Stafford’s acceptance of the position is a tremendous achievement for the company, as his decorated and extensive experience consummated throughout an enduring career in both public and private technology, defense and security sectors will be applied to every corner of APII’s growing operations. He will serve a two-year term as non-executive Chairman, presiding over and facilitating APII’s core business objectives, including the acquirement of new contracts, financing, and goals to strengthen the company’s footprint in the semiconductor technology and testing industry.

Action Products joins a long list of admired companies and organizations whose board General Stafford currently holds or has held a seat with, including Seagate Technologies, the largest independent disk drive maker in the world; Fisher Scientific, a life science research and laboratory testing firm; and a number of aeronautic engineering and research firms, including the famed NASA Advisory Council Task Force on Shuttle-Mir Rendezvous and Docking Mission. The General previously sat on the Board of 14 corporations listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and one listed on the American Stock Exchange. Presently he is on the Board of two New York Stock Exchange companies. During his NASA career, General Stafford served as Co-Chairman of the Stafford-Covey Space Shuttle Return to Flight Task Group, an independent committee tasked with making assessments of NASA’s space flight safety measures.

During his time as a NASA astronaut, General Stafford piloted a Gemini mission and was Commander of Gemini IV, Apollo 10, and Apollo – Soyuz Test Project missions, and is widely credited for his central role in developing the first software for mission planning and analysis which formulated the sequences for the first lunar landing mission. Following his acclaimed career with NASA, General Stafford served as the Deputy Chief for Staff Research, Development and Acquisition with the United States Air Force in the Washington, DC headquarters. Under the command of General Stafford, the department produced the specs for a number of distinguished and sophisticated military and combat weapons, including the F-117A Stealth Fighter and ATB/B-2 Stealth Bomber.

Having retired a deeply honored veteran of NASA, the USAF, recognized with various awards and merits throughout his career, including the Congressional Space Medal of Honor, the Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy, and the Harmon International Aviation Trophy, which he received twice. Additionally, he has been inducted into the International Space Hall of Fame and General Stafford co-founded the influential Alexandria, VA-based technology, research and development firm Stafford, Burke, and Hecker, Inc.

Now, General Stafford brings his esteemed understanding and experience working in and consulting for governmental agencies, corporate governance, and some of the world’s biggest cutting-edge technology and research firms to the board room for Action Products International.

Said of the team at APII, General Stafford attests, “I’m excited to be getting involved with this company at this point in their venture. APII has an exciting future.”

APII continues to strengthen their position as a leader in the arena of break-through technologies, transportation, and the electronics sectors. In addition to their subsidiary North East Expedite Logistics (NEEL), the preferred trucking company for global companies that include USPS and Amazon.com, APII is in the process of completing the acquisition of Core Wafer Systems, and expects to do so in the second quarter of 2012. Core Wafer Systems offers proprietary solutions for the high speed parallel testing and data mining of hard drives components, and other advanced semiconductor and nanotechnologies, with far superiority of quality assurance and scale over any competitor with a presence in the market.

General Stafford continues, “The opportunities that are available in the technology industry are unlimited. During these early stages of growth and development for APII, having the right pieces in place and the right team in place who are knowledgeable and experienced as dedicated advisors and executives, is essential. We’ll be working to bring together the most advanced up and coming technologies into APII.

“Again, I believe that we have a very solid Board of Directors and core technical team. I have served on numerous Boards and been an advisor for various technology companies for many years throughout my career and envision very positive growth for APII, as they have my full support to see them through. The acquisition of Core Wafer Systems, a great step forward, brought in a highly advanced technology with many probable and successful avenues of use for companies within the semiconductor and magnetics industry that we will be exploring. We’re already so far ahead of the competition.”

A complete biography of Ltd. General Thomas P. Stafford, USAF (Ret.) NASA Astronaut (Former) can be found on the NASA website here: http://www.jsc.nasa.gov/Bios/htmlbios/stafford-tp.html.

About Action Products International, Inc.

Action Products International, Inc. (OTC Pink: APII.PK) is the parent company of North East Expedite Logistics, a transportation company; and Core Wafer Systems, Inc., a technology leader with a propriety parallel measurement schema for physical phenomena of semiconductor structures. Additional company information can be obtained on the company website at: http://www.actionproductsinternational.com.

Please refer all shareholder inquiries to info.apii@yahoo.com.

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