Google Looks To Get Rose From Milk
March 16, 2012

Google Looks To Get Rose From Milk

If a rose by any other name may smell as sweet, to Digg founder Kevin Rose the world must seem very sweet indeed. Allthings is reporting this week that Rose has been hired by Google, according to sources close to situation.

Google is also "milking" the situation a bit as it is also hiring others from Rose´s mobile app incubator Milk.
What has also been made clear is that Milk is not being acquired by Google, nor is the search giant “acquiring” the company — so while some of Milk´s staff will join Google with Rose, the future of the incubator is left up in the air.

TechCrunch reported that those joining Google will include Milk´s product team including Rose, designer Daniel Burka, Chris Hutchins and Josh Lane. Milk iOS engineers Dave Peck and Amber Reyngoudt will now work on their own venture. Peck and Reyngoudt are reportedly creating a consulting business for the iOS market called Skull Ninja Inc. No word yet on where Milk co-founder Jeff Hodsdon fits into this shift.

According to reports, the Milk team will join Google, with employees netting $1 million to $2million each, while Milk investors will get their initial investments returned along with a bonus. Milk had reportedly raised a total of $1.7 million from Dave Morin, Philip Rosedale, Evan Williams, Shervin Pishevar and others while it looked to create a new model for app development.

The app Oink, the first project from Milk, was shut down earlier this week after just 150,000 downloads in its first month.

Rose won´t have time to cry over Milk — spilled or otherwise — as he will begin with Google on Monday. Rose's background includes founding Digg, and hosting the long-running podcast “Diggnation.” Additionally, Rose previously served as a host of TechTV. Google had previously looked to buy Digg in 2008, but the deal fell through.

It is widely believed that Rose´s established following and social networking talents will be put to good use on Google+.