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Panopticon Software Partners with QlikTech to Provide Real-Time Visual Data Monitoring and Analysis Dashboards

March 20, 2012

STOCKHOLM, March 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Panopticon Software, the leading provider of visual data analysis software for real-time, CEP and historical time series data, today announced a partnership with QlikTech, a leader in Business Discovery – user-driven Business Intelligence (BI), to offer enhanced, real-time visualization capabilities for the QlikView Business Discovery platform. As a result, customers will have the tools to extract even more value from their existing QlikView implementations and stay ahead of the fast-changing requirements particularly in the areas of real-time trading, risk monitoring, and analysis.

QlikTech’s powerful, accessible Business Discovery solution bridges the gap between traditional business intelligence (BI) solutions and standalone office productivity applications. Its QlikView Business Discovery platform enables intuitive user-driven analysis that can be implemented in days or weeks rather than months, years, or not at all. QlikView’s in-memory associative search technology allows users to explore information freely in a Google-like experience rather than being confined to a predefined path of questions. QlikView Business Discovery works with existing BI applications and adds new capabilities: insight for everyone, zero-wait analysis, mobility, an app-like model, remixability and reassembly and a social and collaborative experience.

As a member of QlikTech’s Qonnect Partner Program for Technology Partners, Panopticon supports QlikView desktop, web, and mobile interactive dashboards and allows users to filter and interact directly with real-time data. By integrating Panopticon into their systems, QlikView users can:

  • Federate reference and real-time streaming data as well as conflated time series data sets;
  • Connect to virtually any relational or column-oriented database, including tick databases;
  • Connect to real-time message queues;
  • Connect to Complex Event Processing (CEP) engines; and
  • Make full use of Panopticon’s library of visualizations designed specifically to analyze financial data.

The combined Panopticon-QlikView platform is now available for immediate installation.

Michael Saliter, Senior Director Global Market Development – Financial Services at QlikTech said, “Our partnership with Panopticon allows us to incorporate leading real-time visualization capabilities into our QlikView implementations. We recognize the importance of providing our clients with truly up-to-date information, and this new approach supports that initiative. Our teams share a common philosophy about proper data visualization design. This made it easy to develop a unified approach to the presentation of real-time, time series, and static data in ways that people can understand in seconds.”

Willem De Geer, Managing Director for Panopticon Software, stated, “The QlikView Business Discovery platform is extraordinary. It offers an intuitive user interface, as well as a very efficient and smart architecture that puts an inordinate amount of processing power on the screen. We’ve already had very productive engagements with clients in capital markets, insurance, telecoms, logistics, and manufacturing and we believe that retailers, health care providers, energy companies, and many others will find the platform very compelling.”

Learn more about QlikView at http://www.qlikview.com. Detailed information on the Qonnect Partner Program for Technology Partners’ procedures, requirements and benefits can be found at http://www.qlikview.com/us/partners/partner-programs.

About Panopticon
Panopticon information visualization technology supports rapid visual analysis of large data sets and real-time data in financial services, telecommunications, energy and other data-intensive industries. The Panopticon Developer SDK supports Java, .NET and WPF environments and allows programmers to embed sophisticated visualization formats into their own enterprise applications. Panopticon EX is a fully productized enterprise solution supporting rapid deployment across the enterprise to desktops and the web. The company’s unique Rapid Development Kit allows users to build complete dashboards in EX and embed them as objects into their own applications using Developer SDK components. Panopticon has global partnerships with SAP, Oracle, QlikView, Thomson Reuters, StreamBase, and Kx, among others. The company has a world class customer base that includes most of the largest financial services organizations and in the world, as well as a formidable presence in telco, energy, pharma and retail. Panopticon has offices in New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, London and Stockholm. www.Panopticon.com

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