Draw Something Acquired By Zynga
March 22, 2012

Draw Something Acquired By Zynga

Recently reported talks between mobile game developers Zynga and OMGPOP, creators of the hit social game Draw Something have been finalized with Zynga announcing the acquisition of the game company, writes Chris Davies for Slash Gear.

Responsible for Farmville, Words With Friends, Mafia Wars and dozens of other time killers, Zynga took pains to emphasize that the Pictionary-like Draw Something will retain its charm and appeal. Zynga has been successful in the past with smooth transitions for its acquired titles with few complaints.

Dan Porter, CEO of OMGPOP emphasized that, “the game will stay true to you and what you love, and it´s my solemn vow that the magic of Draw Something will not change.”

The game has been public for only six weeks, and has already been downloaded 35 million times. This is a fantastic feat for any game, much less one that had no commercial basis before its release.

The developers of this game will continue to call New York city home in at what Zynga calls their “totally cool offices” and will be reporting to David Ko, Chief Mobile Officer of Zynga.

Porter told Venture Beat that the game has caught fire, “because it is a super social, out of the box, hilarious and totally fresh game that players love, has a sense of humor and lets the players own the game.”

It is a game that is appealing to a wide demographic — mums and non-techies through to hardcore gamers judging by my Facebook feed and Twitter timeline.

Porter talked about the appeal of this game in his GigaOm interview, “We´re taking game play and wrapping it in the framework of communication, sharing experiences and playing together,” he said.

“I just wanted this to be something hilarious with no winner or loser“¦ I´m not a game designer and I don´t pretend to be one so I didn´t really think about the rules of making a game.”

“Most designers would have said you need scores or leaderboards but it didn´t feel right so I didn´t do them“¦ We want to make games for people that don´t put games on their phone. That´s how you get to massive scale.”