Apple Granted Nano-SIM Patent, Making Big Blow In Recent SIM War
March 27, 2012

Apple Granted Nano-SIM Patent, Making Big Blow In Recent SIM War

Apple and Nokia are interlocked in a patent battle regarding a technology that hasn't even been produced yet.

Apple has proposed a new sim-card, smaller than the micro-SIM its iPhones currently use.

The nano-SIM would enable future smartphones a little more room to maneuver when engineering the next generation iPhone.

Nokia has its own nano SIM design, one it says is smaller than Apple's current design.

The company said that Apple's design would require a tray, taking up more room in a smartphone, while Nokia's would not.

It said Apple's nano-SIM design is "just different from micro SIM, rather than smaller, which could be a barrier to broad adoption as an alternative to micro SIM, potentially leading to fragmentation.”

Apple fired back at Nokia's statement by promising royalty-free licenses to any companies that choose to use its nano-SIM design.

The company offered “an unequivocal commitment to grant royalty-free licenses to any Apple patents essential to nano-SIM” according to a report by FOSS Patents.

Nokia said in a response to Apple's move for a royalty-free patent that it was "an attempt to devalue the intellectual property of others."

As of Tuesday, Apple has officially been granted the patent "Ejectable component assemblies in electronic devices", which was filed in 2007.

The patent describes a system of "trays that can be loaded with removable modules, inserted through openings in the housings of the devices."