March 30, 2012

Nano-SIM Vote Postponed Due To Battle

According to new reports, the decision regarding the nano-SIM card patent has been delayed due to negotiations over patents.

Apple and Nokia, as well as some other phone manufacturers, are embroiled in a battle over the new nano-SIM.

Nokia is now threatening to withhold crucial patents if Apple's version of the nano-SIM is adopted.  The company claims Apple's version does not comply with required specifications.

The nano-SIM would be at least a third smaller than the current micro-SIM used in smartphones, allowing manufacturers more room to place more technology in or slim down the device.

Apple has proposed a card it says it will offer on a royalty-free basis to other manufacturers, making it easier to use as an industry standard.

Nokia is offering a different card it claims is 23 percent smaller and falls more in line with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) standard.

It said Apple´s nano-SIM design is “just different from micro SIM, rather than smaller, which could be a barrier to broad adoption as an alternative to micro SIM, potentially leading to fragmentation.”

Nokia said in a response to Apple´s move for a royalty-free patent that it was “an attempt to devalue the intellectual property of others.”

A vote to see which design is upheld by the ETSI has been postponed because the companies have failed to reach an agreement.

According to a report by FOSS patents, the vote will now have to be postponed by a minimum of 30 days.

Nokia is not the only company wanting to see Apple's nano-SIM patent fall through, Research in Motion is accusing Apple of hiding its efforts to stack the voting panel by having at least three of its employees re-register for voting purposes as representatives of various carriers.

The FOSS patents report said RIM believes a number of people form Apple have changed their affiliation and are registering to a completely different company, giving the U.S. company the edge in voting.


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