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Lingerie Shopping is Simple – A Brief Lingerie Buying Guide from GiftForSexy.com

March 31, 2012

SHENZHEN, China, March 31, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — With so many new and different designs of lingerie available online and offline, it’s really hard for both men and women (especially for men) to choose among thousands of styles.

We’ve put together a list of some tips to remember that may be helpful to yourself or your partner when shopping lingerie at GiftForSexy.com.

Take a look at what you/your gal wears most – Don’t just buy based on what you want to see her in. Does she like wearing low-cut tops, V-necks, or tank tops? Pay attention to what she wears most often and that can help you narrow down what style of lingerie would be right for her.

Think about her color preference – A good photo at GiftForSexy.com can really help you assess what colors will complement your woman’s coloring. Choose the exact one color among dozens at GiftForSexy.com that looks sexy while still being appropriate. After all, you want her to love it so she’ll wear it again and again.

Get the right size – Not surprisingly, size matters; knowing your size information is the vital starting point. Go routing though your partner’s underwear draw, find her favorite bra & knickers and note the size. If she catches you looking at all her underwear then come clean about what you are doing, otherwise you’ll come over as having a strange fetish.

Buy a babydoll – A babydoll lingerie is a great piece of lingerie for all women to have, and it’s flattering no matter what their size or shape. How do you know what size to get? Choose a size that’s the same as the fitted t-shirts your gal wears. The bottom seam of the babydoll should fall right below the belly button.

Avoid underwire – If your partner has a small chest, avoid any lingerie or bras with underwire because it’ll just be uncomfortable.

Choose the right bra - The endless styles of bras on the market can make shopping really confusing if you’re not prepared. We’ve broken down some of the most common styles and what they pair well with: T-shirt bra. This is great for everyday wear and is usually made out of cotton or satin so it doesn’t show underneath a thin top.

Lingerie on sale for your special someone should be fun and exciting, not scary. Consider the above tips next time you browse at GiftForSexy.com or head out shopping, you will not find yourself overwhelmed – and you can pick out something she really loves.

In a word, keep this simple. If in doubt about the lingerie you are looking at, then don’t buy it. GiftForSexy.com suggest: stick to the favorable styles and maintain an elegant look.

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