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SocialMatica Identifies Top Online Influencers and Regional Key Topics of Interest for Each GOP Primary Candidate

April 2, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, April 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — SocialMatica, the innovative leader of social media analytics, today released comprehensive dashboards for the GOP primary elections in California and Texas, outlining compelling differences in online topics of interest between the two states. SocialMatica’s semantic data intelligence engine identified Education as the prominent topic of online conversation in California, while in Texas online users are focused on the subject of Abortion. Complete dashboards can be viewed on SocialMatica’s website (www.socialmatica.com).

“For the past few months SocialMatica has been tracking candidate influence and online topics of interest for the GOP primary election. What is truly fascinating is the difference between the national and regional perspectives, which is illustrated in this weeks’ California versus Texas dashboards. This insight can and should be used by campaign managers and candidates throughout the primary process,” said Gary Hermansen, CEO of SocialMatica.

“SocialMatica has gone one step further in identifying not just all online influences, via twitter postings, blogs and other online venues, but pinpointing the leading influencers – by name and by channel. For marketers, this is crucial information that can be leveraged to directly affect primary outcomes,” continued Hermansen.

SocialMatica’s analysis and rankings of the GOP candidates, gathered from vast amounts of available online data, including Facebook, blogs, twitter feeds, LinkedIn, online news sites, discussion groups, forums, and web traffic, agrees with most polls placing Romney as the leader in the primary race and Rick Santorum as a solid second. However, SocialMatica’s analysis continues to show that Ron Paul both creates and maintains the most topic-based web traffic and conversational visibility.

For a video explanation or our analytics and ranking process and tools you can visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBSAI2DQ2tY


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