Angry Birds On A Mission To Attack Your Television
April 2, 2012

Angry Birds On A Mission To Attack Your Television

From the iPhone to your television set and elsewhere, Rovio´s mega-franchise Angry Birds will now be a part of a new cartoon slated for release this autumn. Speaking at the MIPTV conference in Cannes, Nick Dorra, head of Rovio´s animation division said, “We´re going to roll out a weekly animation series later this year of short-form content," according to The Guardian.

Their story is widely known: Angry Birds started as a game for the iPhone in 2009 and became a nearly instant success. Since its release, Angry Birds has released three different iterations of the original game and has been downloaded more than 700 million times globally. Rovio has branched out before from just making video games by licensing out their characters for marketing and creating a sundry of toys and other merchandise. They mark the first company to be born of the iPhone and explode into other markets.

Therefore, it is not surprising for Rovio to be announcing these new animation shorts. According to Dorra, the company will release 52 episodes, each lasting a brief two-and-a-half to three minutes. Concurrent with their heritage, Rovio is looking past just television.

"We´re going to roll it out on all possible devices,” said Dorra.

“We´re looking at building a video app for that, and we´re also looking at partnerships and so on“¦ We want to be on all screens.”

For instance, Rovio announced a partnership with Samsung this January which will bring an app to their line of internet-connected “Smart TVs”.

Last summer, Rovio acquired Kombo, a Finnish animation studio to drive their Angry Birds brand beyond games. Not long after, they brought former Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel on board to act as an adviser.

Watchers of the company saw this move as the first steps towards an Angry Birds movie.

Speaking at Cannes, Dorra quelled some of this speculation, saying, “It´s in development, but it won´t be out in 2013 or 2014.”

Rovio wants to drive the brand past gaming, and the new series of animated shorts may help them do so. By releasing these shorts, Rovio hopes to tell the story of the Angry Birds and explain what they have to be so angry about. This should attract more fans to the brand who may not have been keen on playing the game on one of Rovio´s many platforms.

“Angry Birds is not just about the gameplay, and will be in the future less and less about the slingshot, actually, and more and more about the characters,” said Dorra, according to The Guardian.

As the Angry Birds break free from smartphones, tablets and even televisions, where else will they nest?

Finnish residents can expect to see Angry Birds themed parks as soon as next month, according to The Telegraph. More parks are slated to roll out in the UK in following months. Keeping with corporate tradition and heritage, children will not only be able to play in an Angry Birds themed physical environment, but they will also be able to accrue points and rewards via smartphone while they play along in the park.

From game to merchandise, animated shorts and theme parks, it would appear Rovio´s Angry Birds may have less and less to be so upset about. As for when the birds make an appearance on the silver screen?

Dorra says, “(The film is in) development, but it won´t be out in 2013 or 2014“¦ You´ll have to bide your time and first watch all of our shorts!”