Microsoft Controls Web Browser Market Share For March
April 4, 2012

Microsoft Controls Web Browser Market Share For March

New data released by Net Applications shows that Microsoft's Internet Explorer was able to fight off Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in March from its share of the browser market.

The latest data released by the firm shows that Internet Explorer held a total browser market share of 53.83 percent for the month, which was up from 52.84 percent in February.

The market watcher said that Firefox held a share of 20.55 percent, down from 20.92 percent, and Google at 18.58 percent, down from 18.90 percent in February.

"March was a great month for the IE team," said Robert Capriotti, Microsoft's director for Explorer marketing, in a blog post Sunday. "We continue to see great strides against our core metric: IE9 share on Windows 7."

About 48 percent of computers running Windows 7 used Internet Explorer 9 to access the Web during March.

Capriotti said that this number compares to 14.6 percent for Chrome users on Window 7 and 11.6 percent for Firefox users.

"This month in the U.S. nearly 50% of Windows 7 users are experiencing the best the Web has to offer with IE9," Capriotti in the blog post.

He said IE9's jump was due to heavy promotions by Microsoft, including a series of television ads and some co-sponsorships revolving around The Hunger Games movie.

A special website is designed to allow IE9 users to take a virtual tour of Panem's oppressive Capitol city of The Hunger Games movie.

Despite the news of IE9's market growth for March, one user sounded off on the blog, pointing out that the Web browser is preinstalled on the majority of computers around the world because of the popularity of Windows software.

"You've kind of got no small advantage that IE is preinstalled on every Windows PC," user AshleyScirra said in a comment on the Microsoft blog post.  "That's kind of impressive, because every single Chrome/Firefox/Opera user has specifically chosen their browser, whereas probably huge numbers of IE users are just using whatever came with their system because they don't know/care about browsers."

With nearly 50 percent of Windows 7 users choosing IE9 in the U.S., just 35 percent are using the browser on the same operating system around the world.  This shows that 65 percent of users who use Windows 7 around the globe are choosing to go with another Web browser instead of opting to go with the Microsoft's own browser.