Image 1 - Mobile Sales Kit For iPad To Provide Help For Salesmen In The Field
April 4, 2012

Mobile Sales Kit For iPad To Provide Help For Salesmen In The Field

Lee Rannals for

Sonoma Partners has released their new Mobile Sales Kit application for Apple iPad tablets. The app is an enterprise-grade application designed to help make a traveling salesman's life easier by unloading the stacks of paper he might take with him for a sales call.

Companies using the Mobile Sales Kit can download new documents or new versions of existing documents, ensuring they give the salesmen the best opportunity they can while out on the field.

Sonoma Partners' new application features synchronization with Microsoft SharePoint, a cloud computing platform.

The Mobile Sales Kit also features access to documents while offline, and document emailing from within the application.

Mike Snyder, principal of Sonoma Partners, said this application could be suited for any company that sends sales representatives out into the field.

"We feel the Mobile Sales Kit is applicable to any company that has field sales reps who make customer visits, regardless of industry," Snyder told RedOrbit. "We do believe that certain industries, such as life sciences, may find the most benefit given their site visits often actively deny wireless Internet connection."

The Mobile Sales Kit's interface is customizable, giving companies the ability to use color schemes that fit the company logo.

Developers can also make very specific customizations to the application, such as multi-touch gestures and screen transitions.

Companies could display their products in the app, and have developers program the app to give potential customers the ability to rotate the object on the screen with their fingers.  This could give customers a three-dimensional perspective of what the sales representative is trying to show them.

Snyder said that although the Mobile Sales Kit is applicable to any company, some specific industries may benefit even more from it than others.

He said that inspiration for the app stemmed from a desire to make sales presentations more compelling.

"Printed sales collateral handed out at a meeting might be ignored or simply thrown away," Snyder told RedOrbit. "With digital sales materials on a highly interactive iPad application, the prospect is more likely to take the device and absorb the material naturally out of curiosity."

The company says the application will "drastically" reduce printing costs and enhance sales presentations for their sales representatives.

Sonoma Partners worked with Microsoft in writing all of the official Microsoft Press books about CRM in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The company plans to work with other companies in deploying the application, as well as training employees on how to use it.