LG Bringing Voice Command To Magic Remote
April 6, 2012

LG Bringing Voice Command To Magic Remote

LG announced recently that it will begin rolling out voice control functionality for its Smart TV Magic Remote beginning in April.

The company announced at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January that it would be introducing plans for voice navigation on its Smart TV line.

LG said it will begin issuing an update for all of its Smart TV sets by the end of the month to bring the new feature to the televisions sets that are already equipped with Magic Remotes.

The voice system will allow users to search for TV content, as well as within the Internet and social elements of the TV by using the mic built into the Magic Remote.

The voice recognition technology is provided by Nuance, a company that powers Dragon on computers as well as other mobile apps.

The Magic Remote is not limited to just voice control, it also has the ability to work with motion control, as well as a the traditional push-button remote.

In an ad introduction to the new functionality, LG is marketing the Magic Remote as a way for users to enter text into a screen easier, compared to having to use the remote to click on each letter on a keyboard.

The Magic Remote has been around since 2010, and it already allows users to browse the user-interface similar to how a Wii console's controller works.

LG is not the only company trying to revolutionize how users communicate to their televisions.

Samsung revealed at the 2012 CES a new feature for its televisions called Smart Interaction.  This feature utilizes a built in camera and mic.

Samsung's Smart Interaction uses gesture-commands so users are able to select items on the screen just by reaching their hand out into the air and selecting an item as if it was dangling in front of them.

The company is also bringing video conferencing capabilities to the television world through the addition of a camera mounted on the Smart Interaction TVs.