Google CEO Issues 2012 Update
April 6, 2012

Google CEO Issues 2012 Update

Google CEO Larry Page made a rare public statement this week on the company´s website for investors. In a post that appeared to be channeling the late Steve Jobs, Page made an emotional appeal on behalf of the billion-dollar search giant.

"We have always wanted Google to be a company that is deserving of great love," Page wrote. "But we recognize this is an ambitious goal because most large companies are not well-loved, or even seemingly set up with that in mind."

The statement coincided with the one-year anniversary of his return as chief executive after his ouster at the hands of stockholders in 2001. Since taking over last April, Page has been at the forefront of Google´s interactions with the media and foreign governments.

He has also overseen sweeping changes in the number of services Google provides. He admitted that the company had widened its scope in the past and made some missteps in the process.

“Google has so many opportunities that, unless we make some hard choices, we end up spreading ourselves too thin and don´t have the impact we want,” he said. “So we have closed or combined over 30 products, including projects like Knol and Sidewiki.”

In September, Google outlined many of these planed changes, such as the closing of Sidewiki, in a blog post titled, “A fall spring-clean.” Among the services changed or discontinued were Google Desktop, Notebook, and Pack. The post cited a changing internet and the way people use it as reasons for the adjustment.

Page´s statement also slightly pushed back against the recent controversy surrounding Google´s privacy policy. After releasing the new policy in March, three Google users filed a lawsuit in Manhattan against the company, according to the Los Angeles Times. The suit alleges that the new policy, which combined several policies into one, has deceived users.

“The recent changes we made to our privacy policies generated a lot of interest,” he wrote. ”But they will enable us to create a much better, more intuitive experience across Google–our key focus for the year.”

Other parts of the statement outlined a theme of user empowerment through Google+, Google Hangout and YouTube, which the company bought in 2006. He described how searching for his friend, the commonly-named Ben Smith, is much easier if the search engine recognizes the connection he and Smith have on Google+.

Page reinforced this theme by mentioning how “a healthy disrespect for the impossible” has allowed people to foster revolutions by uploading videos to YouTube or to connect multi-stream video from “anywhere, even from the Great Barrier Reef.”

In closing, Page discussed how technology has become an emotionally connected to our lives as a society and said that Google will strive to be a part of that connection.

“People are buying more devices and using them more because technology is playing an increasingly important role in our lives,” he said. “I believe that by producing innovative technology products that touch people deeply, we will enable you to do truly amazing things that change the world.”