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Workplace-Weekly.com Launches New HR Training Publication for Supervisors and Business Owners

April 11, 2012

HOUSTON, April 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Workplace-Weekly.com has launched a new publication titled “Five Minute HR Trainer for Supervisors and Business Owners.” The publication aims at aiding labor employment laws compliance and performance management. The publication, which was launched in Houston recently, serves as a comprehensive training guide that trains supervisors and/or business owners on how to handle complex HR and legal issues that are consistent with the required employment laws.

Workplace-Weekly.com HR Consultant/Workplace Expert, Gloria Towolawi, said, “From the week-to-week news reports on workplace labor laws violations by employers and the increased enforcement initiatives by the regulatory agencies, ‘Five Minute HR Trainer for Supervisors and Business Owners’ could not have been launched at a better time. This is our little contribution towards an enlightened and knowledgeable workforce that is compliant with workplaces laws.”

“Five Minute HR Trainer” is the easy way to deliver valuable human resource management skills and knowledge that close the door of litigation and penalty. For HR Professionals, supervisors and/or business owners — the laws are changing by the years — the need to update skills to match current realities within the profession is imperative. Train the Trainer: Train supervisors in over 70 HR topics and best practices that make for a healthy work environment and productive employees.

Get Trained on the Following Essential HR Topics and More:

  • Recordkeeping Requirements
    Everything you need to instantly train supervisors, such as: How to fill Form I-9, How to fill OSHA forms, How to fill the EEO-1 survey, How to handle TNC in E-Verify.
  • Legal Issues in Hiring
    Complying with EEOC guidance on the use of arrest records in employment decisions, a guide to E-Verify enrollment and use, employment laws impacting the hiring process, employment at-will exceptions, etc.
  • Pay Issues – The Fair Labor Standards Act, FLSA Provisions Comprehensive Guide
    Minimum wage and its components, tipped employees, tipped credit, hours worked and its components, waiting time, on-call time, meal and rest periods, worker misclassification, section 530 relief requirements for businesses under IRS audit, Voluntary Classification Settlement Program (VCSP), etc.
  • Personnel Issues – Family and Medical Leave Act Provision
    Qualified leave entitlement; medical certification and notices; sexual harassment: mitigating the risk of liability in a sexual harassment suit/claim; how to conduct a workplace investigation; five termination mistakes employers could easily avoid; 10 reasons to choose mediation in resolving workplace charges; etc.
  • Performance Appraisal – Key to Employee Motivation
    Steps of effective performance evaluation/appraisal, strategies and techniques, continuous feedback, legal considerations, methods of performance evaluation/appraisal system, etc.

The publication is available for purchase at the website e-store page:

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