NorseCorp™ Introduces IPQ™ to Provide Real-Time Internet Security Intelligence

April 12, 2012

Norse´s IPQ assesses the risk of any IP address in real-time to identify cybercrime at the source

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) April 12, 2012

NorseCorp, an emerging provider of Internet security intelligence offerings, today announced that it has introduced the only real-time risk indicator system that can assess the threat level of any IP address in the IPv4 and IPv6 space.

NorseCorp´s IPQ, powered by the company´s IPViking technology, provides real-time actionable intelligence to prevent fraud and malicious behavior. IPQ, which stands for Internet Protocol Quotient, rates any IP address on a scale of 0 to 100, with “0” being no risk and “100” being extreme risk. The IPQ number shows the current risk of accepting a transaction from that IP address. IPViking uses hundreds of risk factors to assign an IPQ, and continually updates its 2+ billion IP addresses with real-time updates caused by changes in risk factors.

“NorseCorp’s IPQ is the manifestation of a new approach to Internet security, one that works proactively to stop online fraud at the source,” said Skip Foss, chief product officer for NorseCorp. “IPQ assesses the threat level of any IP address attempting to make a transaction as it happens, then reports that data back to customers within milliseconds. The process is seamless to end users and eliminates costly and ineffective post-incident analysis.”

Delivering real-time intelligence on IP addresses prevents cybercrime and e-commerce fraud that can originate from even trusted IP addresses. Unlike human IQ that does not change radically over time, the IPQ of a given IP can change dynamically from second to second based on its behavior and qualities. Every IPQ is derived from hundreds of contextual risk factors that include how the IP address was obtained by the user, which ISP governs the IP address and geolocation differences between IP registration and physical address.

Anyone can obtain their own IPQ, and some of the factors NorseCorp uses to assess the risk associated with an IP address, at http://www.norse-corp.com.

About NorseCorp

NorseCorp, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is an emerging provider of Internet security intelligence solutions aimed at making the Internet safe for business. NorseCorp´s patent-pending IPViking technology provides real-time intelligence about the risk level of IP addresses attempting to engage in eCommerce, new account opening, or interactions with a website or web application. The IPViking API runs over a cloud-based network, communicates with any programming language or platform, and easily integrates into existing IT environments. For more information about NorseCorp and IPViking, please visit http://www.norse-corp.com.

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