Is Google Drive Ready To Take On Dropbox In Battle For The Cloud?
April 17, 2012

Is Google Drive Ready To Take On Dropbox In Battle For The Cloud?

The long-awaited cloud storage Google Drive service has been the subject of many rumors and unsubstantiated stories, and more of them have been coming hard and fast lately. Now, we have another one to tell you about, reports John Biggs for Tech Crunch.

An announcement from one of Google´s official Drive partners has revealed a few details about the storage-service-that-may-or-may-not-be. Google Drive will reportedly launch next week, bestowing all interested users with 5GB of free storage to play with right out of the gate.

The 5GB capacity coincides with leaked screenshots unearthed by the team at TalkAndroid just over two weeks ago. Users will most likely be able to purchase additional storage should they need it, but there´s still no word on what kind of pricing model or storage tiers Google will run with.

The Next Web reports that users can manage and store files in Google Drive via a folder on their desktop, though how exactly it will be set up is also still unclear, writes Chris Velasco for Tech Crunch.

Now however, the question becomes whether or not Google is jumping in too late to make a name for itself in cloud storage. Google pretty much missed the boat on taking on Facebook in social networking with Google+.

The basic capacity of 5GB certainly looks better on paper than that of competitor Dropbox, who gives users 2GB of free storage just for signing up, but that´s only one of the plentiful players gunning for part of the cloud storage space.

Dropbox also recently began offering twice its previous storage for referrals, even adding that amount to current users. Dropbox has also partnered with HTC and Samsung to offer even more storage to owners of a One series devices or Galaxy Tab 2.

Google Drive faces a crowded airspace with Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft having already staked out their claims with iCloud, Cloud Drive, and SkyDrive respectively. Meanwhile, established players like Box have begun paying more attention to certain market segments like enterprise as a way of keeping ahead of the competition.

Does Google have the heft to muscle in on such a crowded field as cloud storage? The next few weeks will hopefully let us know.