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Objet Signs a Distribution Agreement with CIM Co., Strengthening Foothold in the Mexican 3D Printing Market

April 17, 2012

REHOVOT, Israel, April 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Objet Ltd. [http://www.objet.com ], the innovation leader in 3D printing for rapid
prototyping [http://www.objet.com/RESOURCES/Rapid_Prototyping ] and additive
manufacturing, today announced it has signed a distribution agreement with CIM Co
[http://www.cimco.com.mx ], the Mexican company specializing in CAD/CAM, CAE, rapid
prototyping & 3D Scanning, inspection & deformation analysis.

Together, both companies will step up the presence of Objet’s 3D Printers and
materials in the Mexican market. CIM Co. clients include automotive and aerospace
companies, as well as a range of companies in the plastics, electronics, stamping, casting
and heavy industry, and shoe industries.

“Mexico is a key strategic market for Objet,” said Gilad Gans, Executive Vice
President for Objet. “We are delighted to team up with a savvy partner that supplements
our 3D printing offering with a strong footprint in Mexico, together with world-class
service and industry knowledge. There is no doubt that a key success factor for us is a
strong local presence, and CIM Co. will be instrumental in helping drive our continued
growth in this market.”

Objet’s activities in the Mexican region are handled by Objet’s Emerging Markets
division, which is focused on markets with strong growth potential for rapid prototyping
and 3D printing. Objet’s Mexican partners and customers in Mexico and Central America
benefit from significant sales, marketing and operation investments, under the management
of Andrew Dehart, Objet’s recently-hired Regional Manager for Central America. Dehart has
two decades of experience in rapid prototyping and 3D Printing, including 11 years as
ZCorporation’s VP of Western Hemisphere Sales and three years helping launch the Stratasys
3D Printing program.

Hans Schwerdt, General Manager of CIM Co, added: “Objet’s high-quality prototype
solutions and its highly versatile material offering are perfectly suited to the market
segments we serve. As it addresses a wide range of needs in multiple industries, the Objet
offering is an excellent fit with our broad customer base and contact network.”

About CIM Co.

Established in 1991, CIM Co. [http://www.cimco.com.mx ] is a leading Mexican company
specializing in CAD/CAM, CAE, rapid prototyping & 3D Scanning, inspection & deformation
analysis. Based in Tlalnepantla (Mexico City metropolitan area), CIM Co. serves 385
companies in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

About Objet

Objet Ltd. [http://www.objet.com ] is a leading provider of high quality, cost
effective inkjet-based 3D printing systems and materials. A global company, Objet has
offices in North America, Europe, Japan, China, Hong Kong, and India.

Objet’s 3D printing systems and 3D printing materials are ideal for any company
involved in the manufacture or design of physical products using 3D software or other 3D
content. Companies using Objet’s solutions can be typically found in sectors
[http://www.objet.com/INDUSTRIES ] such as consumer goods & electronics, aerospace &
defense, automotive, education, dental, medical and medical devices, architecture,
industrial machinery, footwear, sporting goods, toys and service bureaus.

Founded in 1998, the company has thousands of customers
[http://www.objet.com/RESOURCES/Case_Studies ] worldwide including a substantial share of
the relevant Fortune 100 and Fortune 500. Its award-winning technology (13 awards in 8
years) is based upon over 110 patents and patent pending inventions.

Objet’s advanced 3D printing systems and range of about 70 materials
[http://www.objet.com/3D-Printing-Materials ] enable professionals to build prototypes that
accurately simulate the true look, feel and function of an end-product, even complex,
assembled goods. The Objet Connex [http://www.objet.com/3D-Printer/Objet_Connex_Family
](TM) line of multi-material 3D printers features the world’s only technology to
simultaneously jet 2 materials. With this, users can print many different materials into a
single part and print various mixed parts on the same build tray. Users can also create
advanced composite materials, or Digital Materials
[http://www.objet.com/3D-Printing-Materials/Overview/Digital_Materials ](TM) featuring
unique mechanical and thermal properties. Objet’s range of about 70 3D printing materials
[http://www.objet.com/3D-Printing-Materials ] simulate properties ranging from rigid
[http://www.objet.com/3D-Printing-Materials/Overview/Rigid_Opaque ] to rubber-like
[http://www.objet.com/3D-Printing-Materials/Overview/Rubber-like ], transparent
[http://www.objet.com/3D-Printing-Materials/Overview/Transparent ] to opaque and standard
to ABS-grade engineering plastics
[http://www.objet.com/3D-Printing-Materials/Overview/ABS-like ], with a large number of
in-between shore grades and shades.

Objet’s 3D printers [http://www.objet.com/3D-Printer/Products_Overview ] are available
in a range of form-factors, from cost-effective desktop 3D printers ideal for entry-level
professionals all the way to industrial-scale multi-material machines for front-line
designers and top manufacturers. Objet’s 3D printers feature the industry’s
highest-resolution 3D printing quality, based on 16-micron (0.0006 in.) super-thin
layering, wide material versatility, office friendliness and ease of operation.

For more information, visit us at http://www.objet.com, and for more about 3D
printing industry-related news, business issues and trends, read the Objet blog
[http://blog.objet.com ].

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