Apple, Proview Reportedly Meet Regarding iPad Trademark Issue
April 21, 2012

Apple, Proview Reportedly Meet Regarding iPad Trademark Issue

Apple and the Chinese firm Proview have entered into discussions hoping to resolve an ongoing dispute over the ownership of the iPad  trademark, a lawyer involved in the legal proceedings told IDG News Service on Friday.

According to reporter Michael Kan, Ma Dongxiao, who represents Proview, confirmed to IDG that the talks were happening, but did not elaborate further on the matter.

Kan notes that the dispute between the two companies is still being deliberated by the Higher People's Court of Guangdong Province, but the two firms were attempting to mediate the dispute, as court officials had recommended earlier in the week.

Neither company would provide any additional details, Sam Oliver of AppleInsider added, but "the news has sparked speculation that the matter could be resolved out of court."

"Proview and Apple are involved in a number of lawsuits throughout China, as Proview is attempting to block sales of the iPad and even exportation of the device, which would effectively bring worldwide sales to a halt," Oliver said, noting that Proview has even filed a lawsuit in California over the trademark.

"At its peak, Proview was the manufacturer of a stripped-down PC it called the Internet Personal Access Device, or iPAD. The company also found some success building monitors before the global financial crisis hit and pushed it into bankruptcy. Now, it's a near-dead company with its ownership of the 'IPAD' name its only major asset," he added.

The Cupertino, California-based manufacturer of the iPad tablet computer claims that they purchased the rights to the name from Proview in 2009, according to Kan. Proview denies those claims, and earlier in the year a representative from that firm said that they were seeking $400 million for the iPad trademarks in China.