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FBC Business Plan Update:

April 26, 2012

DOVER, N.H., April 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — (OTCMARKETS: FBCD) FBC Holdings would like to provide shareholders with an update to its business plan going forward. We are pleased with the recent additions to the FBC team, as we begin the process of transitioning from a development company to a revenue ready/building company. The recent additions of Todd Wahnish and Mike Kern, along with Steven Miller, have put the company in a strategically strong position to execute its business plan.

This business plan has evolved from focusing solely on toy manufacturing to something much bigger than ever envisioned. Even though we will still manufacture toys, our main revenue driving vehicle will be our new website/web portal/web application. Our web application has been in development for quite some time and is nearing its public launch. The website has been beta tested, the domain name registered, and many backend work is finally coming to an end. We anticipate a public launch of the website in the very near future.

The website will offer a number of unique features that will significantly increase the value of the company. For example, the website will become the destination to purchase all things artistic, collectable, and desired on the web. We understand that artists want the ability to be creative with their work and their products. Our website will allow any artist, both professional and amateur, to have a virtual showroom to display their product. Instead of FBC marketing each individual toy or product, the artist will be able to integrate a number of social networking platforms to their personalized showroom. By providing any artists or manufacturers a virtual store front on our website, the potential for new and ongoing revenue streams is truly limitless.

An additional feature that will allow us to utilize a number of our current licenses, and planned future licenses will be regular contests. One example would be to utilize the newest license to our ever-growing portfolio, the FlowBoard. We will host a create your own FlowBoard contest. Our web portal will allow for any registered user to design a customizable FlowBoard. After the time limit of the contest is up, we will display the entries for all users to vote on. We will encourage all contestants to utilize their social networking accounts to recruit votes on their designs, thus bringing continual traffic to the site. Once a winner is declared, we will create and release a limited edition FlowBoard and offer that up for purchase.

This is only the tip of the iceberg that makes us so excited that we are finally at the point to go live. In the coming days we plan to disclose more of our new business plan, in addition to announcing the name of our site, and ultimately going live. We will be providing investors in the near future more information on how our business plan will drive revenues thus resulting in significant long term shareholder growth.

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Frank Randall

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