New Google 'Easter Egg' Involves 'Zerging'
April 28, 2012

New Google ‘Easter Egg’ Involves ‘Zerging’

Google has included another hidden "Easter Egg" on its homepage, where typing the term "Zerg rush" turns a user's page into a page full of alien O's.

Google has been known to include these hidden Easter Eggs into its home page, including "do a barrel roll" in which the Google search screen appears to do a 360-degree turn.

The new hidden treasure amongst the popular search engine's website refers to the game Starcraft, which was released in 1998.

In the game, the "Zerg" are one of two hostile alien races, and players often have to rely on the "Zerg rush" to win games.

Now, if a user enters "Zerg rush" into Google's homepage, the colored letter O's appear normal at first, but eventually turn into aliens that eat the page.

Once the aliens begin their attack, the user can click on them to kill them, eventually restoring Google's page to show "GG", which stands for "Good Game."

During the game, Google keeps track of a user's hit count, showing how many Os have been defeated and the average rate per minute.

In Starcraft, users would have to defend themselves against an attack of a rush of invading Zerglings by quickly taking each one down.

The term "Zerging" or "Zerg" has come to be used in some circles for people who play games when they are overwhelmed by superior numbers.

Another Google Easter Egg is its "Google Doodles," upon entering turns the search page's logo into other images to celebrate special days.

If someone searches "askew" or "tilt" it will knock the search-results page slightly off-kilter.  Also, typing in "chuck norris google" gives a result that reads: "Google won't search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don't find Chuck Norris, he finds you."

A 2010 playable Pac-Man homepage doodle ended up resulting in a standalone page, consuming about 4.8 million hours of activity.