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LandAirSea Systems Now Offers 24-hour Technical Support

May 1, 2012

CHICAGO, May 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — LandAirSea Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer and developer of GPS tracking systems since 1994, now offers 24-hour technical support to help troubleshoot and answer any questions that may arise regarding their passive and real-time GPS tracking devices.

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The large majority of fleet vehicle and delivery services, such as limousines, taxis, large freight trucks, and food catering services, operate around the clock to meet the needs of their customers and clients. And likewise LandAirSea wants to be there to provide around the clock technical support for its full line of GPS tracking systems.

To contact LandAirSea’s technical support department, simply email them at support@landairsea.com or call them at any time on their support line at 847-462-8100. They also have a live online chat to help answer immediate questions online.

All of the GPS tracking systems from LandAirSea have been designed with precision, simplicity and durability in mind. Providing innovative and practical tracking solutions for fleet management, law enforcement and personal vehicle tracking, LandAirSea Systems is leading the way.


The GPS Tracking Key and GPS Tracking Key Pro

The classic GPS Tracking Key is LandAirSea System’s best-selling passive GPS tracker. This ultra-compact and portable GPS data logger has the ability to determine the precise GPS location within 2.5 meters of the device, and records detailed travel activities every second.

The information gathered by the GPS tracker includes travel path, rates of speed and the amount of time stopped at any given location. The tracking data can be viewed by retrieving the device and connecting it to a PC with the installed Past-Track software, or online through Google Earth. Detailed driving reports and animated historical playback can also be generated with the installed software.

The next generation GPS Tracking Key Pro has all of the features offered by the Tracking Key, but with a convenient on/off switch to help conserve battery life when not in use. It also offers up to four weeks of active driving time, twice the time offered by the original Tracking Key, as well as the ability to function with virtually unlimited power through an optional hardwire kit.

The SilverCloud and SilverCloud Sync Real-Time GPS Tracking Systems

Along with its passive GPS trackers, LandAirSea Systems also provides real-time GPS tracking solutions, with the SilverCloud and the newly launched SilverCloud Sync real-time GPS tracking systems with on-board diagnostics.

The SilverCloud’s user-friendly and intuitive online mapping interface, along with innovative technological features, such as the ShareSpot option, makes it an ideal choice for fleet management services, law enforcement agencies and even concerned parents who want to track their teenage drivers.

The SilverCloud Sync possesses all of the user friendly and intuitive software and tracking capabilities of the SilverCloud, but with the ability to provide on-board diagnostic reports. Simply plug in the device into the vehicle’s OBD-II port, which is usually located underneath the driver’s side dash (the OBD-II specification has been a standard of all vehicles sold in the United States since 1996).

The SilverCloud Sync is powered through the vehicle’s OBD port – no batteries or hardwiring necessary. This allows for uninterrupted GPS tracking whenever the SilverCloud Sync is connected to the vehicle’s diagnostic port.

And with the on-board diagnostic support offered by the SilverCloud Sync, users will be able to not only track their vehicles in real-time, they will be able to gather important information such as:

  • Excessive RPM alerts
  • Low battery and fuel alerts
  • Harsh braking and idling alerts
  • Rapid acceleration and high speed alerts
  • Ignition on/off
  • Check engine codes

And should a question or issue arise with one of the GPS tracking devices, LandAirSea’s support team will be there 24-hours a day 7-days a week to help troubleshoot and answer any questions regarding its product line:

?For more information on the complete line of passive and real-time GPS tracking devices offered by LandAirSea Systems, or to purchase a GPS Tracking Key or Tracking Key Pro, visit their website, or email them at sales@landairsea.com.

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