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Buckminster Consulting Launches Consulting Services To Help Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Become More Productive

May 1, 2012

OAKS, Pa., May 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Buckminster Consulting today announced that it is launching consulting services to bring technology and management consulting to small and mid-sized businesses. Their goal is to bring the latest software technology and the latest management techniques to smaller companies so they can prosper even during difficult economic times.

Buckminster Consulting was founded on the R. Buckminster Fuller coined term “Ephemeralization,” the ability of technology to help us do more, and more with less and less. “Many small and mid-sized companies are lagging behind their larger competitors investing in technology infrastructure to streamline and automate their businesses,” said John Formento, founder and Managing Director of Buckminster Consulting. Buckminster will be partnering with Capterra, a software matching service with the most comprehensive directory of software companies in the world (www.capterra.com). “We will be providing a turn-key solution. From determining their software needs all the way to configuring new workflows and ‘new,’ more productive ways of ‘working’ with the new technology,” said John.

Buckminster will also be offering management consulting services. “Purchasing software technology is a very important investment for small and mid-sized companies. But software alone will not assure peak performance. In deploying the software we look at the synergies interdepartmentally within a company to ensure that the disparate parts combine to make the whole of the business stronger,” said John. Buckminster believes that using technology to improve performance will result in increased revenue for small and mid-sized businesses.

Buckminster will be able to offer initial consultation to determine software needs, evaluation of vendors with Capterra all the way to deployment and management consulting to assure that the company will be able to thrive by doing more with less so as to maximize the value of their software investment. This strategy, Buckminster believes, will help companies survive any economic uncertainties. More information is available at www.buckminsterconsulting.com.

About Buckminster Consulting-Buckminster Consulting is a privately held company. Our mission is to help small and medium sized companies operate more effectively and be more productive -to do more with less-in order to grow their revenue, improve customer perception and increase employee satisfaction.

About Capterra-Capterra helps people find and compare software for their business – any kind of business, small or large, for-profit or nonprofit. We also help software companies reach their target audience more efficiently

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