Apple Of My Eye: Should You Wait To Buy That New Mac?
May 2, 2012

Apple Of My Eye: Should You Wait To Buy That New Mac?

Michael Harper for

I know I´m not telling you anything surprising when I say I am an Apple fan. So it´s probably no surprise to you when I say I was one of the crazy people who stayed up till 3 am the night Apple started taking pre-orders for the iPhone 4S. Actually, I´ll step back further...

I took the day off work when Apple held their “Let´s Talk iPhone” event in which they announced the 4S. I also took part in both a Google Hangout and a FaceTime chat with friends of mine so we could watch the presentation together.

I am not ashamed.

I was impressed with the keynote, and the addition of Siri, and a remarkably better camera sold me on the new phone. My wife had been using a 2-year-old Droid Eris at the time, so I was already planning on an upgrade so I could bring her into the light with a loving hand-me-down.

So there I sat on the night pre-orders went live, smoking my pipe and drinking beer, continually refreshing Apple´s store like an addict going through withdrawals.

I am not ashamed.

You see, there is something very special, very satisfying and very fun about being the first to own an Apple product. Some people run marathons, I wait up all night to pre-order.

You may know exactly what I´m talking about. Perhaps you were the first one in your family with an iPad, or maybe you´ve called in sick to make sure you could sign for and receive the newest MacBook Air.

Perhaps, like me, you´ve got your eyes on the new rumored MacBook Pro / MacBook Air Hybrids, theoretically packed with Intel Ivy Bridge i7 processors, solid state drives and a crisp, high definition Retina display.

Do not be ashamed.

Although, maybe you should take the advice from your family and loved ones and try to exercise some restraint.

If is right, you may be able to save nearly $300 on your sexy new slab of aluminum if you can holster your trigger finger for just 3 months.

Apple has a tight rein on the price of their products, but authorized resellers such as Amazon and MacMall are often able to sell below Apple's asking price.

Dealnews also found Apple´s pricier items, such as MacBook Pros, Mac Pros and iMacs, are more likely to see a steep reduction in price as opposed to any iOS devices. In fact (and this will really appeal to the frugal part of your brain, should it exist) DealNews found you can save almost $50 on a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air if you can just hold out through the weekend.

In an identical study performed last year, DealNews wrote, “Never buy an Apple product on the day of its launch.”

“Our deal archives show that most Apple products receive a discount within eight days of their launch (excluding the iPad and iPhone).”

As if this report didn´t dump enough rain on your Apple launch day parade, DealNews also suggests buying from third-party vendors rather than buying straight from the mothership.

“The first and most important thing you can do to save money on new Apple products is not purchase them from Apple; otherwise, you´ll never see significant deals,” Senior Feature Writer Louis Ramirez said. “Rather, we recommend hitting the authorized resellers for discounts and promotions.”

So, whether or not Apple decides to release a super thin 15“ MacBook Pro or simply update the current form factor with no optical drive, a larger battery and upgraded SSDs, perhaps you and I should find something else to do with our time rather than line up in front of the local Apple store for a piece of brand new Apple goodness.

Have a need for a new device in between release dates? The friendly folks at have long maintained a helpful buyers guide to let you know where each product is in their refresh cycle.

At the time of this writing, the MacBook Pros are at day 190 of an averaged 267 day cycle.

If sheer prudence isn´t enough to get you to wait, think about this: If you can hold off for just 3 months to buy a new laptop, you will have saved enough to buy enough third-party memory to double what your Mac came with, making yours the fastest on the block.

Besides, isn´t making your friends sick with jealousy what being a Mac owner is all about?