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New Collaboration Tool Enables Businesses to Benefit From Being ‘Social’

May 2, 2012

LONDON, May 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Formicary Collaboration Group’s MindLink unlocks information from untapped

resources to create new business assets

Formicary Collaboration Group (http://www.fcg.im) a provider of team-based
collaboration solutions, has today launched MindLink [http://www.fcgmindlink.com ], its
social collaboration platform. The new tool [http://www.fcgmindlink.com ] creates an
engaged and informed workforce that, through open group collaboration, increases
productivity and drives the business forward.

MindLink [http://www.fcgmindlink.com ] adopts a fresh approach to unlocking the
valuable pool of knowledge that exists in every organisation – transforming it into a
business asset. It enables businesses to be ‘social’ but, unlike the individual emphasis
of social networking, is focused strongly on team communications.

With MindLink [http://www.fcgmindlink.com ], organisations leverage the technology,
business processes and workflow that they have already, as well as the expertise that
exists in their staff.

MindLink [http://www.fcgmindlink.com ] moves away from closed private conversations
that are traditional in most organisations. Instead it provides an open and transparent
forum for employees to share information and knowledge on a wide variety of topics
relating to day-to-day business activities and objectives. With MindLink
[http://www.fcgmindlink.com ], relevant information can also be pulled from document
management, CRM and project management systems into appropriate conversations in order to
make these more dynamic and pertinent.

Users control how they share, discuss and consume ideas and information. They also
decide which streams of information are most relevant to them and filter out unnecessary

“Traditional businesses are very ‘siloed’ – they contain vast amounts of intellectual
capital that is never accessed by the organisation,” explains Eileen Brown CEO of social
business consultancy Amastra [http://www.amastra.co.uk ] and author of Working The Crowd:
Social Media Marketing for Business. “In contrast, the social business democratises data
by breaking down the information hierarchies and ensuring that knowledge stays alive, and
a true organisational asset. MindLink [http://www.fcgmindlink.com ] brings together all
the collaboration features, making them intuitive to use and accessible to everyone who
needs them throughout the organisation.”

Daanish Khan, head of marketing and strategy at Formicary Collaboration Group
[http://www.fcg.im ], adds: “There is a growing recognition that businesses must now be
‘social’ and the current trend is to bundle everything of this nature together. However,
there is a distinct difference between social networking – which is focused on the
connections between individuals – and social collaboration [http://www.fcgmindlink.com ],
which is a multi-layered discussion between a group of people with the aim of meeting a
specific objective. MindLink has been developed to ultimately increase business
productivity – for example by collaboratively resolving an issue or developing creative

“MindLink [http://www.fcgmindlink.com ] has been specifically designed to ‘set
knowledge free’ by moving away from closed private conversations and ‘email jail’ and
encouraging a culture of collaboration,” Khan continues. “It is a way of letting
organisations optimise their most valuable of resources – the knowledge of their

MindLink [http://www.fcgmindlink.com ] leverages Group Chat, a component of Microsoft
Lync 2010 and Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 so users do not need to
invest in a completely new technology. It is accessible via the web, mobile, SharePoint
and Outlook Formicary Collaboration Group [http://www.fcg.im ] is a Microsoft Gold
Certified Partner with extensive experience in developing solutions for Microsoft
customers and extending the value of Microsoft Lync 2010 Group Chat.

About Formicary Collaboration Group

Formicary Collaboration Group (FCG) is a provider of team-based collaboration
solutions. FCG’s MindLink software leverages existing knowledge and communication assets
to enable users to consume and share information and ideas, delivered through a next
generation user experience providing best of breed Enterprise 2.0 and social features, and
accessible on any device for today’s increasingly mobile workforce. The team behind FCG
has more than ten years’ experience working with many medium to large sized businesses,
facilitating better collaboration for both internal and external users.

FCG is a Microsoft Gold Partner and RIM Alliance Member. FCG solutions are fully
compatible with Microsoft Lync 2010 and Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2.

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