Time For New iPhone Rumors - Smaller And Taller?
May 3, 2012

Time For New iPhone Rumors – Smaller And Taller?

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com

Just as blooming flowers, singing birds and warmer weather are sure signs of spring, leaked components from Chinese suppliers and loud-mouthed analysts are a sign that a new iPhone is on the way.

Just in the same way we don´t need to see the signs of spring to know it´s coming, these leaks and rumors aren´t really telling us anything new. Every year, either in June, or recently October, new iPhones emerge from their dark cloaks of secrecy and make their way into millions of hands and hearts.

For the enthusiasts, these rumors are simply part of the fun of waiting for a new device. Some rumors fail to gain any traction, some will never go away, but no matter how accurate they are, they are always fun to speculate and ponder.

Today´s big rumor comes from Jeremy Horwitz of iLounge.com, saying Apple´s newest phone will be both longer and thinner than the iPhone 4 and 4S, measuring in at 125 mm by 58.5 mm by 7.4 mm.

This design would make the new iPhone 10 mm taller and 2 mm thinner. Looking to the back of the rumored iPhone, the iLounge source says the rear casing for the phone will see a drastic difference, adding a metal panel to the center of the back of the device. Previous rumors have held the back of the phone will be curved and made of aluminum or liquid metal. iLounge is refuting these claims, saying Apple has abandoned these plans in favor for a flat back. iLounge has an artist rendering of the rumored design and says it resembles the current generation iMac.

The new rumor also says the new iPhone will be made of Gorilla Glass 2. Shown off this year at CES, the next generation of Corning´s Gorilla Glass (currently used in iPhone) is 20% stronger than its predecessor, withstanding more than 120 pounds of pressure.

Looking to the front of the device, iLounge says the new iPhone will finally get the long-rumored 4” diagonal treatment. Apple could do this by lengthening the device, but they would also have to change the aspect ratio of the screen for the first time since the original iPhone was released in 2007.

This particular aspect of the rumor (pardon the pun) has been hotly contested, as enthusiasts and pundits alike have argued about whether or not introducing a new screen size and aspect ratio would send Apple into the depths of device fragmentation, joining Android in the mire.

One rumor to last through the past few iPhone and iPad cycles is the adoption of a new dock connector. iLounge throws their weight behind this rumor, saying the new connecter will be much smaller, allowing Apple to make their new phone slimmer. The rumored connector will be slightly larger than the current iPhone 4 and 4S speaker and microphone holes. Currently, Apple´s 30-pin connector can be used on every iPhone, iPad, and almost every iPod, with the notable exceptions of the earliest iPod models and the shuffle.

Such a change will no doubt annoy third-party manufacturers, as Apple´s connector is now ubiquitous in cars, charging stations and hotels everywhere.

Finally, iLounge says the new iPhone (which will likely stray away from a numbered-naming convention) will launch this fall instead of this summer, placing the phone onto the new fall-based cycle.

Recent rumors have said the new iPhone will get a new home button, which, depending on the rumor, will either be oblong, square or virtual. The long standing rumor of NFC capabilities has also checked in this year, saying the new iPhone will finally be used as a virtual wallet. If this year is like years past, these rumors will begin to pick up steam as we get closer to the final release date. Should be a fun ride.