UsenetReviewz.com CEO Warns “CISPA Isn’t Like SOPA, It’s Worse”

May 4, 2012

Due to the recent passage of the CISPA legislation in its present form, UsenetReviewz CEO Marion Marshal announced today that the popular website would be stressing the use of SSL and personal VPN services to protect user anonymity, security and privacy.

(PRWEB) May 04, 2012

According to the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), the efforts to amend the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection act (CISPA), fell flat, and the results that were forwarded to the Senate were even worse than they were before the amendments were applied. When questioned concerning the bill and the effect it could have on the Usenet community, Marshall said,

“We were hoping for the best, after their failure with the SOPA bill. But it doesn´t look like they are giving up anything at all. They claimed CISPA isn´t like the SOPA or PIPA bills, and it isn´t, it´s worse.”

He went on to say that his site would start emphasizing the use of SSL, or personal VPN services when possible, to their readers. But, UsenetReviewz.com isn´t the only one that are taking this outlook on their suggestions. The EFF, ACLU, and many others are saying that again, the language in the bill is the problem. They are claiming that in its present form, the bill will allow any law enforcement, or government agency, to obtain the records of virtually any internet customer in the U.S. without a warrant.

“Some of us were hoping for the best,” Marshall said referring to the huge online community. He continued, “We reserved our judgment, hoping good amendments would emerge.” But Alternet.org reported on April 18th that the bill would not only allow the warrantless requests, but would allow sharing of customer data between corporate entities that would be “inconsistent with current laws” that protect consumers.

UsenetReviewz already advises Usenet members, and potential members, to use any security measures available if handling sensitive of financial data. “Already many Usenet members are using SSL or VPN´s“¦because of the agreement between the RIAA and at least 5 U.S. ISPs.” The Usenet communities tend to be a little more tech savvy and understand the “potential” abuses and sheer amounts of data that can be gleaned by the NSA, FBI, and other organizations. He ends the interview saying, “Just think back to when the FBI had a free reign with the National Security Letters. And that was just one agency.”

If you would like to learn more about the worlds first global social communities, Usenet, or more about your internet privacy, and protecting your online data, you can visit his site UewnetReviewz.com

About UsenetReviewz.com

Marion Marshall focuses his attention on the Usenet communities and is very active in the online privacy movement. His website, UsenetReviewz.com, concentrates on educating their readers about Usenet and related services as well as privacy and online security issues.

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