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Halcyon Announces Systems Operations Suite v4.0 for IBM i

May 6, 2012

PETERBOROUGH, England, May 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Monitors Critical Business Processes, Eliminates Human Error and Reduces IT Costs

Systems management software provider, Halcyon Software [http://halcyonsoftware.com ],
today announced a major release of its monitoring and automation solution for the IBM i
platform – Systems Operations Suite v4.0.

Halcyon Systems Operations Suite v4.0 enables organisations to continuously monitor
critical processes and core applications running on the IBM i platform so that operations
run without disruption and business continuity is maintained. The technology also allows
System Administrators to automate all routine tasks, essential system saves and manual
check lists as well as configure appropriate responses to common issues to eliminate human
error and reduce IT costs.

IT staff can be notified of unexpected events or problems, including security breaches
via email, mobile phone, or opt to have alerts displayed on a management dashboard, the
Enterprise Console, which is included in the software package. With the new release, IT
administrators can now access the management dashboard to remotely manage alerts through
smart phones and tablets such as iPhones, iPads and Android devices by downloading a free
“smart app” developed by Halcyon.

Other key enhancements include an extended library of rule-based templates for
monitoring critical applications such as ERP and high availability solutions as well as
shipped examples of best practice auditing rules for managing IBM i security. This new
release also includes an automatic upgrade facility, and an “import settings” function so
that customers can easily duplicate their Halcyon environment for back up purposes or
during high availability role swaps.

John Dominic, Vice President of Sales, said, “We recognise that System Administrators
need a quick and effective way to implement monitoring to suit their particular
application environment. The expanded set of templates for monitoring ERP, business
applications, high availability and security meets this requirement. Rules can be easily
“switched on” from day one and this provides immediate value to the business. It also
means that urgent issues with applications, processes or security breaches are immediately
flagged up and correction processes can be automated to eliminate repetitions of the same
issue. A free “smart app” written for smart phones and tablet devices increases efficiency
so that our front-end dashboard can be remotely accessed when IT staff are not at their
desk or are off site. The new automatic upgrade facility ensures that customers can
seamlessly upgrade and are always using the latest version of our software.”

Business Application Monitoring

A Halcyon command has been created in the software for each of the commonly used ERP
applications including JD Edwards, Infor, SAP, Lawson M3 (Movex), Misys Equation and Midas
Plus as well as high availability (HA) solutions. By using the appropriate Halcyon
command, the software is populated with the relevant templates which enables users to
automate the monitoring of their business application and HA environments running on IBM i
systems. The templates can be fine-tuned and customised to suit an organisation’s specific

Security Compliance and Auditing

Systems Operations Suite v 4.0 is shipped with more than a hundred examples of
recommendations for best practice auditing of your IBM i security. System Administrators
can simply release the rules which are grouped together into functional areas. The
software also offers real-time monitoring of the IBM i Audit Journal (QAUDJRN) for
security-related events. Users can monitor for system value and configuration changes,
authority failures, periods of inactivity, invalid sign-on attempts, specific commands as
well as user profiles that become disabled or are enabled.

Automatic Upgrade Facility

Systems Operations Suite v4.0 constantly monitors to check if a new version or a
higher PTF level is available for download. If a new version is available then the
software automatically upgrades the customer’s Halcyon environment.

Import Settings

Previously, IT staff could not back up their Halcyon environment when the monitoring
software was in active use on their live environment. Using the new “Import Environment”
(IMPENV) command function, users can now replicate their current Halcyon settings to a
different IBM i system or partition – which is useful when role swaps are scheduled for
high availability purposes. This new functionality quickly and easily provides a back up
copy when the live copy of Halcyon software is in use and also helps towards achieving
business continuity goals. Administrators can also use this function to import all their
current settings if they wish to extend their licencing and create another incidence of
Halcyon on replacement or additional IBM i hardware in the future.

Pricing and Availability

Systems Operations Suite v4.0 is available immediately. Product pricing is tiered and
based on IBM processor groups. Current customers can upgrade free of charge. In addition,
Halcyon have published a fair pricing policy so that if customers increase the Commercial
Processing Workload (CPW) rating of their IBM hardware they will not incur software
upgrade fees giving long term reassurance on costs.

For more information about Systems Operations Suite v4.0 visit:


To download the new “smart app” for managing IBM i and other IT environments using
smart phones and tablet devices visit:


For technical advice on business application monitoring, Halcyon has created “A Guide
to Templates” covering all the major ERP packages and HA solutions. A free copy can be
requested by emailing: templates@halcyonsoftware.com

About Halcyon Software [http://halcyonsoftware.com ]

Halcyon Software is a global leader in multi-platform systems management software.
With more than 20 years of delivering proven solutions and first class customer support,
Halcyon’s products proactively monitor, manage and automate IT operations to significantly
reduce costs. Large IT outsourcing companies as well as small to medium sized corporate
and public sector data centers rely on Halcyon Software to ensure their mission-critical
systems, core applications and services are available 24/7.

Halcyon’s solutions support IBM(R) enterprise class systems, including the IBM i(R),
AIX(R) as well as Windows(R) and Linux(R) platforms.

Halcyon has regional offices in the UK, USA and Australia, and a worldwide network of
partners and distributors supporting EMEA, the Americas and Asia Pac territories.

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        Halcyon Software


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