LG Electronics And Google Looking To Revamp Your Television
May 7, 2012

LG Electronics And Google Looking To Revamp Your Television

Internet-based television is being relaunched as Google TV is being reconfigured by the search giant, Kim Miyoung of Reuters reports.

The move anticipates a similar launch from Apple expected sometime this year although no details are emerging from the typically tight-lipped Cupertino tech colossus.

South Korea-based LG Electronics will supply the hardware, although LG gave no shipment target or details of prices or screen sizes. “Production of Google TVs will start from May 17 from our factory in Mexico and US consumers will be able to buy the product from the week of May 21,” Ro Seogho, executive vice president of LG´s TV business unit, told a small group of reporters.

Google TV will allow viewers access tp Google services such as searches and YouTube videos on their television screens.

This product will be Google´s second attempt at internet-based television, current Google TV offering in the LG G3 series, has received lukewarm reviews and hasn´t caught on with consumers, reports Michelle Meyers for CNET.

Logitech International, one of Google´s initial partners that developed the G3 device, said late last year it had lost tens of millions of dollars due to weak sales of the initial Google TV.

It is hoped that the revamped Google TV will do for the living room what Android did for the mobile market and will not be plagued with the problems that affected the G3 services such as high prices, low sales, and difficulty with program distribution.

Pricing for the new sets is unconfirmed, something which is likely to make a huge difference to just how much of a splash the new TVs make in the market.

LG is also pushing ahead with its own smart TV platform, NetCast, reports Chris Davies for SlashGear, and plans to fit around 60 percent of its TVs with that platform installed, allowing viewers access to the internet, social networking and online games as well as LG´s own TV applications.

Google has long wanted to extend its reach into living rooms, hoping to extend its online advertising business to the big screens that still command the lion´s share of global advertising budgets, and to make the best use of its ownership of YouTube, the world´s most popular online video site.