Apple Wants – Does This Suggest The Name For New iPhone?
May 7, 2012

Apple Wants – Does This Suggest The Name For New iPhone?

Michael Harper for

There´s an interesting dynamic which exists on the Internet between Apple and advantageous geeks looking to make some cash.

In a move that´s just as much good marketing as it is a way to protect their brand, Apple likes to own the domains of their products, such as Apple also happens to have vast amounts of wealth at their disposal which they often don´t mind throwing behind their cause, either buying the domain outright or taking the domain holders to court.

As such, there have been people who have tried to either outsmart Apple or get some money from them by registering domains such as,, and etc.

Now, as the new iPhone is largely expected to be released in either June or October, talk is heating up about the new device. Adding to the building frenzy, Apple is now disputing the ownership of, causing iPhone watchers everywhere to speculate that Apple may stick with their numerical naming convention.

Filing a claim with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a UN agency which handles cases regarding “cybersquatting” in web domains, Apple has said they have the right to use

Currently, routes to a forum board wherein the yet-to-be-released phone is discussed.

According to Fusible, Apple has been known to go after domain names they want and throw their money behind them, using the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) process.

Last summer, Apple paid an undisclosed sum to the owners of and using the UDRP process. This isn´t the first time Apple has gone to WIPO to dispute website domains. The company also won disputes over domains which featured a combination of Apple products and adult material, such as, and

According to ComputerWorld, it is still unclear who owns, as it was registered anonymously in 2008, the year the iPhone 3G was released. ComputerWorld suggests the domain may have an Australian connection, saying the URL was registered in the land Down Under.

A thread on entitled “HELP US FIGHT (READ)” has a caps-heavy, poorly spelled plea from a new user named “Morphius” to fight to maintain ownership of the domain. So far, it appears the plea isn´t working.

This news provides some ammunition to the camp who believes Apple will keep with their numerical naming convention rather than follow the iPad´s lead and simply be known as “The new iPhone.”

Several of Apple´s products are registered domains. For example, routes to Apple, while routes to a splash page of a city at night with the words “coming soon” at the bottom. Many of the Mac devices are also domains registered by Apple, such as,, and

Interestingly, it appears as if the fine folks at own, as the domain routes straight to their homepage.