More People Using Their Phones For 'Just-in-time' Life Scenarios
May 7, 2012

More People Using Their Phones For ‘Just-in-time’ Life Scenarios

Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project has found that smartphones are becoming more and more incorporated into "just-in-time" scenarios.

The research center found that 86 percent of smartphone users have used their devices in the past 30 days to perform "just-in-time" services.

Of the scenarios, it found that 41 percent of cell phone owners in the past 30 days have used their smartphone to coordinate a meeting or get-together.

Pew found that smartphones are being integrated in everyday life to solve unexpected problems as well.  It said that 35 percent of cell phone owners have used their phone to help resolve an unexpected problem they encountered.

According to Pew, 30 percent of cell phone users have used their device to help decide which restaurant to visit in the past 30 days.

Twenty-seven percent of the 2,234 adults surveyed said they have used their phone to get information to help settle an argument they were having in the past 30 days.

Those who are into sports are also finding a use for their smartphone, according to Pew.  It said that 23 percent of the participants said they used their smartphone to look up a sports team score in the past 30 days.

"Overall, these “just-in-time” cell users–defined as anyone who has done one or more of the above activities using their phone in the preceding 30 days–amount to 62% of the entire adult population," Pew said in a statement.

It found that 19 percent of the participants have used their phones to get help during an emergency situation in the past month.

Also, 20 percent of phone users said their smartphone has helped them find out information about traffic, or a public transportation system.

"These just-in-time information searches take place in the wider context of people using their smartphones to get needed information right away," Pew said.

"In this survey, we also asked about using cell phones to get turn-by-turn navigation or directions while driving. Some 65% of smartphone owners say they have done that, with 15% doing so on a typical day."

Pew surveyed the participants, who were ages 18 and older, between March 15 and April 3, 2012.