Liquid-cooled LEDs Provide Summertime Light
May 9, 2012

Liquid-cooled LEDs Provide Summertime Light

As summertime approaches, the itch to spend every evening outside with loved ones, enjoying barbecue and beverages grows ever stronger. As such, the need for lighting to create the appropriate night-time ambiance becomes more prevalent. For those late-night revelers with an eye for green technology but not the odd-blue glow of traditional LEDs, Switch Lighting has released new bulbs which give off light similar to a traditional incandescent but offer the same benefits as an LED.

Available this summer, Switch Lighting will release the first of its 3 general purpose bulbs to lighting distributers and will introduce its 3-way bulb and 240-volt bulb to markets outside of the US.

Switch showed off their new line of production-ready bulbs at LIGHTFAIR International, the “world´s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference.”

One of the bulbs being showcased at their booth this year is the SWITCH3-Way, a 25/50/75 watt-equivalent LED which the company says can be used as an incandescent replacement in 3-way fixtures.

The first bulbs to be released are replacements for 40-watt, 60-watt and 75-watt incandescent lamps. These lamps will be aimed at commercial buyers and will range from $40 to $50 a piece.

A company executive speaking to CNET has said Switch is also working on cheaper, consumer-oriented models to be released next year.

Also slated to be released this summer is the startup´s new design of LED bulb.

Most LED bulbs place the source of their light at the bottom of the bulb, near the base by the heat sink and socket. Switch´s new design moves this source in the globe at the top half of the bulb. The globe is then filled with liquid which circulates past the LED surface to cool it, allowing it run more efficiently and last longer.

According to Gary Rosenfeld, executive vice president of marketing at Switch Lighting, their new design gives off light more evenly, better resembling a more “traditional” incandescent lamp.

Hotels and other businesses have been using these lamps for the past year and have been happy with their results thus far. Rosenfeld says the familiar light helps is comforting to the eyes.

“People don´t like anything that´s too unusual,” he told CNET.

In addition to looking just like the bulbs of yesteryear, these new LEDs will also sip power like they´re at a tiki bar on the islands. Switch´s 40-watt equivalent needs only 8 watts of power, while their 75-watt equivalent needs only 17 watts.

"We're excited to be back at LIGHTFAIR this year showing our family of LED lamps," said SWITCH CEO, Tracy Bilbrough in a press release.

"It's been exactly a year since we gave the industry its first look at our unique technology which creates a true, no compromise replacement to the incandescent A-lamp. We're returning this year to announce that production of our lamps is underway."

Those near the Las Vegas area can get a glimpse of these new bulbs at the LIGHTFAIR through May 11.