Twitpic Launches Free iPhone App
May 9, 2012

Twitpic Launches Free iPhone App

Twitter photo upload service Twitpic released its first mobile application on Monday, giving Twitter users the ability to quickly post photos and videos, view the photos of the people they follow, and see popular content across the microblogging service.

The free Twitpic for iPhone app, which competes with Instagram, has a built-in photo editor that gives users the ability to employ various filters and effects for processing images prior to publishing them.

“The first ever photo sharing site for Twitter comes to the iPhone! Twitpic is the easiest and best way to share your photos and videos with your Twitter followers,” read Twitpic´s description of the new application.

A similar Android app will be released within the next month, said Noah Everett, founder of the four-year-old Twitpic.

“We´ve always relied on third-party developers “¦ but we wanted to provide a better experience for our users,” said Everett in an interview with VentureBeat.

Since its launch in 2008, Twitpic has grown to include some 35 million users, and has quickly become one of the main ways Twitter users share photos. However, that changed last year when Twitter launched its own photo-sharing service.

But the Charleston, SC-based Twitpic says that hasn´t slowed its progress.

“We´ve continued to still grow [in terms of] users and photo and video uploads,” Everett said.

“We hope the mobile app will spur on more growth.”

Everett said his company has remained cash-flow positive since its inception, earning a majority of its revenue from advertising.  The seven-person company has never taken funding, he said, and will ultimately expand beyond Twitter.

Everett said Monday´s launch of Twitpic for iPhone was not a move intended to make his company a more attractive acquisition target for Twitter.

“Our goal is just to provide the best possible product for our users,” he said.

“As far as trying to position ourselves for acquisition by any particular service, that´s not our focus.”