Apple Ranks At The Top Of Online Customer Satisfaction Lists
May 10, 2012

Apple Ranks At The Top Of Online Customer Satisfaction List

Michael Harper for

One of Apple´s many points of pride is their retail experience, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. If you´ve ever bought anything from, then it´s likely you can personally attest to their incredibly effective and well-thought out retail experience.

In fact, according to new survey results from the consumer pollsters at ForeSee, it´s highly likely you´ve had a positive experience while shopping at, and considering the millions of iPhones and iPads sold online, they must be doing something right in their corner of the internet e-market.

According to their latest report, ForeSee has placed at the top with the highest satisfaction rating of any computer-related company, easily beating the likes of former rivals Dell and Microsoft. In fact, the only company to score higher than Apple´s 85 was, who scored an 89.

ForeSee calculated these scores by asking more than 21,000 consumers how satisfied they were with their online shopping experience. Apple´s score was 5 points higher than it was last year. Only one other company on ForeSee´s list of the top 100 online brands was able to make such a significant jump this past year,, online purveyor of women´s fashion and design.

This is ForeSee´s eighth year to conduct this kind of survey.

While Amazon was the only store to beat Apple´s score, QVC, site of the popular television shopping channel, tied with Apple at 85.

Apple was, however, able to narrow the gap between themselves and Amazon. ForeSee had high praise for, saying the internet marketplace ““¦Continues to set the standard for e-retailers.”

"The truth is that every consumer who has visited Amazon knowingly or unknowingly benchmarks all other experiences against it,” said ForeSee president CEO Larry Freed in a statement.

“And why wouldn't they? They do everything and they do it well."

In last year´s scores, Apple lagged 6 points behind Amazon, scoring 80 to their 86, CNET reports.

Where Apple´s new score really shines is in comparison to other computer retailers, such as Dell, (80) HP, (79) Microsoft and Sony (who both scored a 79). The average score for computer retailers this year was 79, a category which scored 1 point higher on average than all the other online retailers.

Last year, Apple was only able to beat Dell and HP by just one point, while it beat Sony by 5 points.

Other notable companies on this list are (purveyor of all things geeky), (who scored an 81, 4 points lower than last year) and online coffee shop, who scored just below Apple at 84.

On the competition between Amazon and Netflix, Freed said Amazon´s strength is "going to spell even bigger trouble for Netflix. The two companies used to vie for number one. Now Netflix is floundering just as Amazon is making deeper moves into streaming video and even original programming.”

“Netflix regained some lost ground, but it's no longer a contender."

To tabulate their results, ForeSee judged the top grossing 100 websites based on 4 “key factors":

• Price - The perceptions of the fairness and competitiveness of the retailer's prices.

• Merchandise - The appeal, variety, and availability of products on the Web site.

• Web Site functionality - The usefulness, convenience, and variety of online features available to site visitors.

• Content - The perceptions of the accuracy, quality, and freshness of the information on the site.

Apple often takes top honors in customer satisfaction at their physical retail locations. If ForeSee´s numbers reveal a trend, Apple could make top of the online list as well by next year.