International Robotics Conference Kicks Off Today
May 14, 2012

International Robotics Conference Kicks Off Today

Lee Rannals for

Today kicks off the 2012 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), featuring leading robotics and automation experts.

ICRA 2012 is sponsored by the IEEE Robotics & Automation Society and is being held in Saint Paul, Minnesota this year.

RedOrbit will be covering events taking place at this week's conference, including the latest innovation in space and underwater exploration robots, micro and nano scale robots, and human-robot interaction research.

The conference, which is being held May 14 through May 18, will also have robotic challenges.  During these challenges, teams will try and solve specific problems in mobile manipulation, micro robotics, manufacturing, contingency planning, and humanoid robotics.

Over 30 companies will also be exhibiting the latest in robotics and automation products during the conference.

Researchers from MIT will be one of many scientists from around the globe presenting a paper about their latest projects.  The MIT team has developed a new algorithm that could enable "Smart Sand" to form into any shape.

Kyle Gilpin, who worked on the project at MIT along with his professor Daniela Rus, told RedOrbit in an email that their "Robot Pebbles" will not turn into Smart Sand overnight, but the algorithm is paving way for the dream to become a reality.

“It may be 10 years before we see modules capable of forming shapes whose resolution surpasses that of alternative fabrication methods, but we´ll see incremental improvements along the way,” Gilpin told RedOrbit.

Other distinguished robotics scholars delivering their findings at the conference this week include: Brad Nelson, Professor of Robotics and Intelligent Systems, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich; H. Harry Asada, Ford Professor of Engineering, Director, d'Arbeloff Laboratory for Information Systems and Technology, MIT; and Jun Ho Oh, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

Stay tuned to RedOrbit this week to keep up with all the new innovations coming out at 2012 ICRA.