New MacBook Pros On The Way?
May 14, 2012

New MacBook Pros On The Way?

Michael Harper for

If the new rumors are true, Apple may be ready to ship out a new MacBook Pro design in the coming weeks. It´s been widely predicted that Apple would eventually take the MacBook Air body style to the Pro lineup, and now it seems this may be true as rumors of thinner, faster and USB 3.0 compatible MacBook Pro´s dominate Apple blogs everywhere.

Speaking of the design, the MacBook Pro might not be getting as thin as the MacBook Air. 9 to 5 Mac quotes “sources familiar” with the matter as saying the new MacBook Pros will be “an ultra-thin version of the current MacBook Pro” with a design that´s a “thinner, yet more robust, version of the late-2008 design.”

The new MBPs are also likely to drop some pounds by losing their optical drives as Apple continues to push for adoption of their Mac App Store. Those who can´t see themselves without an optical drive can still purchase the standalone USB-powered option which launched with the first version of the MacBook Air.

Without an optical drive, the new MBPs will likely take on the Air´s keyboard layout. The current “eject” key on a MBP could be replaced with a power button, according to the “Sources Familiar With the Matter.”

Current prototypes also feature 3 USB ports, 2 Audio in/out ports, Thunderbolt port, charging port, SD card slot and a battery meter. Notably absent are the ethernet and Firewire ports.

The new MacBook Pros could also be getting the Retina treatment, and is quoted as being “Jaw-Dropping.”

The same “Sources Familiar” say the new display is “definitely the most important Mac innovation in years.”

These new rumors suggest the newest version of OS X (Mountain Lion) will give users the ability to choose how sharp they want their displays to be, with options as simple as Big, Small and Optimal.

These rumors also claim USB 3.0 will finally make its way to the new MBPs. According to, Apple has been testing USB 3.0 for a while and are now ready to roll it out in their new computers. Such an addition would be welcomed by audio and visual professionals, where the USB 3.0 standard is widely utilized. Some had taken Apple´s adoption of ThunderBolt to be their response to USB 3.0, but these new rumors suggest the two ports will work in cooperation with one another.

Finally, new reports have also been released detailing new GeekBench scores which suggest Apple will use Intel´s latest Ivy Bridge Quad-Core processors. References have turned up of a new model of MacBook Pro, MacBookPro9,1 which are said to be utilizing a 2.7 GHz Ivy Bridge Quad-Core processor with 8GB of RAM. These machines are also listed to be running Mountain Lion. GeekBench scores have previously been a source of leaked Apple computers, though the scores are also easily faked.

Adding credibility to all of these rumors are a diminishing stock of current MacBook Pros, as well as Mac Pros and iMacs, suggesting Apple may be rolling out these new processors to the computers who haven´t seen upgrades in quite a while. According to a story from SlashGear, Stock of MacBook Pros have been slipping since early April. Best Buy has also been reducing the price of MacBook Pros, iMacs and Mac Pros, further suggesting that new models could be on their way.