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Announcing the Gentleman’s Tool for Understanding His Universe

May 15, 2012

LOS ANGELES, May 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The Classic Sir is a lifestyle site dedicated to bringing the tradition that is the gentleman into the modern world. The launch of the Classic Sir site marks the beginning of a pursuit to discover the modern gentleman, while concurrently celebrating the existence and longevity of the traditional gentleman. The most recent posts include an inside look at Derrick Rose – the NBA’s reigning MVP and headline story, a must-read report on the secrets to providing the perfect dose of pleasure in the bedroom, and insider fashion tips for this upcoming season that will keep every man sufficiently ahead of the crowd.

With the inundation of classless content that seems to have overwhelmed every corner of the world wide web, the Classic Sir endeavors to create a forum for sharing and discovering ideas with the sophistication and sharp insightfulness that only gentlemen can provide.

In today’s digital world, it seems that those who champion boisterous belligerence and shameless self-promotion rather than humility tend to accumulate more success, which is why the creators of the Classic Sir have made it their top priority to build foundation for those who value refinement and etiquette to achieve what they deserve.

The content on the site indulges every curiosity that might be stimulated within any gentlemen, including weekly features that touch on everything from sports and news to sex and relationships, as well as daily content surrounding fashion, lifestyles, health & wellness, and even daily tips. The Classic Sir does not shy away from any topic, but always approaches every new story or idea with an unmatched perceptiveness and tact that surpasses the quality of less astute online publications for men.

The Classic Sir provides fresh and intuitive perspectives from cities all over the United States in order to provide men from every corner of the country with a qualified and relevant source for any question or interest they may have.

General press inquiries about www.classicsir.com should be directed to the following email address: contact@classicsir.com

Contact: 310 540 4165

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