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Medicalbillersandcoders.com the Market Leader in Placing Certified Medical Coders in New Mexico

May 15, 2012

WILMINGTON, Delaware, May 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Payers and Hospitals across the state of New Mexico are rushing to
MedicalBillersandcoders.com with their requirements of experienced and certified Medical
Billers and Coders. Especially as the HIPAA 5010 transition and the ensuing ICD 9 to 10
transition has heightened the need and opportunities of Medical Coders in the state.

Even the ICD 10 implementation deadline shifting from October 2013 to 2014 has had
little or no effect on job requirements and the need for trained professionals. New Mexico
and surrounding states following HIPAA guidelines with respect to both medical billing and
coding and patient rights is leading to an increased job growth of medical billers and
coders. Albuquerque being the capital and a city brimming with healthcare opportunity
seems to be a new destination for certified Medical Administration professionals.

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Role of MedicalBillersandcoders.com

Over the years MBC has been the platform that connects Healthcare Providers and Job
seekers to find opportunities that suits both parties. Hundreds and thousands of Medical
professionals across all 50 states have been visiting the MBC portal searching for
prospective job description and applying as per preference.

Through the MBC portal trained professionals with hands on experience in:

        - Coding Medical Charts
        - Reviewing Medical documentation
        - Working alongside Physicians to align coding systems
        - Flexibility in learning new technology

Are accessible to providers and are being hired at hourly rates.

Hospitals, too, looking at more complex transition policies and training strategies
are keen to employ Billing and Coding specialists to minimize transition timelines and
enhance the implementation results.

Scope for Billers and Coders:

The common belief is that every once in the life time of your career, there comes a
chance to explore openings which have the power to revolutionize your career. Most
recruitment specialist and Healthcare Market leaders believe the year 2012 -2013 is the
time for the current generation of Medical Billers and Coders.

Medical Billers and Coders from all states, especially New Mexico, Arizona, Tennessee,
Michigan and Idaho are experiencing at least 20- 22% hike in their hourly rates due to the
ICD implementation wave. In tandem to this trend coding experts are flocking and utilizing
Medicalbillersandcoders.com services to assess the opportunities that are lining up before
them in these not so popular job destinations.

About Medicalbillersandcoders.com

Medicalbillersandcoders.com is the largest ‘Consortium of Medical Billers and Coders
[http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com ],’ across the US. The portal brings together
hundreds of billers, with experience in different specialties, on the same platform to
service physicians in their local areas. This network of coders and billers is growing
rapidly and is currently servicing over 50 specialty physicians, across the US (Medical
Billing Houston
[http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com/city/houston-texas-medical-billing-specialist.html ]
, Medical Billing Chicago
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, Medical Billing Los Angeles
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, Medical Billing San Diego
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, Medical Billing Dallas
[http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com/city/dallas-texas-medical-billing-specialist.html ]
, Medical Billing Miami
[http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com/city/miami-florida-medical-billing-specialist.html ]
, Medical Billing Maryland
[http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com/0-maryland-0-medical-billing.html ], Medical
Billing Illinois [http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com/0-illinois-0-medical-billing.html
], Medical Billing New Jersey
[http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com/0-newjersey-0-medical-billing.html ], Medical
Billing New York [http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com/0-newyork-0-medical-billing.html
], Medical Billing Pennsylvania
[http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com/0-pennsylvania-0-medical-billing.html ]) with the
most prominent being Medical billing physical therapy
[http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com/0-0-physicaltherapy-medical-billing.html ] and
General Practice.

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